No Names Needed

A President whose untruths have been discussed on this site and even now are blatantly being exposed.

A Treasury Secretary, who’s office heads the IRS, was himself an admitted tax cheat.

An Attorney General who lied by omission at his confirmation hearing.

Who further was held in Contempt of Congress during their investigation into the gun running scandal Fast and Furious.

Who was highly critical of an Arizona law under consideration, stating it would would lead to racial profiling, yet later admitting he had never read the proposed law.

And said Attorney General, based on released documents, has apparently either lied to Congress or to a sitting Federal Judge.

A Secretary of State who stated before Congress, in reference to 4 Americans (some her employees) being killed in Benghazi,

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

A ‘Director of Exempt Organizations’ at the Internal Revenue Service, who took the fifth (sort of) amendment before Congress in light of the revelations that her IRS division targeted conservative and religious organizations during the first term of a sitting President.

A Secretary of Health and Human Services who today said, ” ‘I Don’t Work for’ the People Calling for Me to Resign” – on many levels a truer statement has never been spoken.

The apple truly does not fall very far from the tree.

Randy in Richmond