Paul Ryan and an alternative to Obamacare

It would certainly be easy to miss this blurb:

The Janesville Republican said he will once again offer a comprehensive alternative healthcare plan as he did four years ago. “If we help people buy health insurance in the marketplace, no matter who they are, no matter how much money they have, no what their health care condition, there’s way of doing that without running it through the government, without this costly website, without the government having possession of all your personal information,” Ryan said.

I was explaining my suspicion to a friend last week: The Republican who leads through this Obamacare mess, not to damn it, but to repair it, wins the presidency in 2016. I guess that means Scott Walker better offer a fix to the failing ACA plan soon, huh?

Think about it. Marco Rubio, the Republican Cuban American Senator from Florida, thought a strong bi-partisan approach to immigration reform would catapult him to the front of the Republican hopefuls. Instead, immigration reform has dropped from the minds of most Americans.

Obamacare will define not only the 2014 midterm elections, but also the presidential run. It has to be fixed. The law decimated the health INSURANCE industry in such a way that America will never return to pre-ACA standards. The leader who emerges with a fix and not a patch will win the prize.

Don’t miss this NBC story that the Obama administration knew they were fundamentally changing health insurance in America. Despite numerous promises, millions had to lose their current coverage to make the exchanges work.

Keep in mind, only a truly bipartisan approach will prevail as once this law is opened to change, Pandora’s box erupts. Every single change must be agreed by both sides, unlike the way the original bill was passed. Recall that not one Republican Congressional member voted for the bill. (Technically Republicans voted for cloture which allowed the bill to pass in the Senate, so one could point a finger at those few. And trust me. I still do. And in Wisconsin it cost Feingold his Senate seat.)

It will be a tricky few years to make health insurance reform workable. The only sure thing? This attempt was a disaster, and the current goal to even fix the website is going to cost Americans a lot of money. Did you see the story that $15 billion (with a B!) dollars later, Britain is scrapping their similar site? We know how this ends, folks.

And that’s why leadership matters most right now. My pick is Ryan over Walker out of Wisconsin. I have a number of reasons I’ll get to as the months roll on, but let’s settle on proximity to the most demanding issue. Obamacare. Ryan is in a better position than Walker with the potential for the most influence.