We have a John Doe winner

Or loser.

I suppose it depends on one’s political perspective.

I’ve been waiting for this to come together. Lisa Kaiser from Shepard’s Express did it. (Go read it. They deserve the traffic.)

Sooner or later the pieces all fall into place.

This round of speculation is consistent with reliable information I had during the first John Doe that Walker was pimping the organizations mentioned at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser – going as far as handing out cards for donations.

It also wraps nicely into Michael W. Grebe’s command of Republican influence in our state. Could it be that his empire will crumble under this John Doe pressure?

Chris Liebenthal (Capper) reprinted Kaiser’s work to his blog. (Tsk, tsk.) That’s how I found it. (Dig around to read it if you really want.) I disagree with him on one issue, though. Governor Scott Walker isn’t that powerful. One has to show up occasionally to exert influence. Our governor is rather missing lately.