“You’ve Come a Long Way Baby ?”

The Presidential election of 2012 taught me an important tenet– to pay attention to political polls and not political pols. Thus tonight’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race by Democrat Terry McMcAuliffe surprises me not at all. No question the Obamacare debacle closed the gap between candidates by 12 to about 2 points in 10 days. But that’s a discussion for another time.

It is apparent to to me that Ken Cuccinelli lost the governorship-not because he is pro-life-but because of controversial statements and actions related to being pro-life he has made, mostly in the past. I predict the voting patterns will show Cuccinelli lost the women vote by a large margin. No question the McAuliffe camp mis-stated and misrepresented Cuccinelli’s stance but why even crack open that door. We Conservatives can proudly oppose abortion without making stupid comments about women’s body parts or touting extreme policies. I don’t need to list those who could not follow this rather simple rule and who now are not in political positions. Forget whether you liked him or not, George Bush made a few stupid utterances over his political life but I cannot recall one about abortion – and he is a staunch pro-lifer elected as Governor and President. And on the same card as Cuccinelli, (without a Teaparty candidate who garnered 6 % of the vote as in governor’s race) is Mark Obenshain, a Republican, who has a very slight lead for Attorney General and is as staunch a pro-lifer as Cuccinelli. This race will go to a recount.

But the real consideration of this post is about women, not abortion. Over the life of this gubernatorial race as well as others one thing is certain. In the press, on TV and radio, the internet, on campus, and in ad after ad this subject is associated one way or another with the candidates. Many women, no, most women, vote for a particular candidate based on his/her view on this one issue – abortion. College women, liberated women, women right’s advocates, highly educated women, it’s my body women, it’s a step backward women, religious women, young/old women, mothers, liberal or conservative – you get the picture. My opinion is that this phenomenon of most women making essentially what is a unilateral decision based on a single criteria is a step backward for women’s march to free thinking, independence, and their traditional ‘liberation’. No matter a candidate’s view on the economy, education, foreign policy, energy, the enviroment, etc., and basics like truthfulness, honesty, and work ethic–whatever the individual woman’s view on abortion always tilts the vote one way or another. I believe a woman can be pro-life and vote for a candidate who is pro-choice just as I believe a woman can be pro-choice and vote for a pro-life candidate. It is my humble opinion that a truly huge step to becomming an independent woman voter is one who can overcome what has become the norm for women on both sides of this singular issue.