This week

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments for and against Act 10. I will be ever so glad to have this one done. I’ve put off the book update until we have a ruling.

Scott Walker has delayed his Kenosha Casino decision and is expected to release a new timeline. Something tells me his new timeline will maximize his book tour, as the book is set to release the 19th.

The 19th is also the date of a special election to fill the 21st Assembly district spot. It’s an insider’s game as the wife of a guy who writes for Charlie Sykes (and has been a Walker hit man for years) is expected to take the spot. Wouldn’t want something like a controversial casino decision to get in the way of that one, either.

Your Wisconsin Assembly has decided to go all in this week and try to accomplish several things. Only a couple of them matter, in my opinion, and those have to do with voting integrity. If the Assembly caves to the municipal clerks and doesn’t button down the potential for fraud in nursing homes, I will be very disappointed.

The legislative schedule has started to look like a dog’s breakfast as stuff is pushed into it and then pushed aside based on the whim of leadership. What I can’t quite figure out is why they’ve decided on the all or nothing time schedule of this week. They are technically in session through the spring, but word has it if it’s not done by Friday, it won’t be happening in this cycle.

And to my surprise, there is very little grumbling about the Packer loss yesterday. It seems the state has capitulated and the season lost to rebuilding. That is the way this professional football is designed to work, right? My only regret is that the stores will be full during game time this Christmas shopping season. I did so enjoy shopping alone. 😉

Let me know if there’s anything on your radar I missed.