We ‘tried’ to Tell You So

Post by Randy in Richmond

From the November 18, 2013 New York Post:

Census ‘faked’ 2012 Election Jobs Report

From an October 5, 2012 posting on this site discussing the huge, sudden drop in the unemployment rate as part of the Presidential debate just prior to the election:
Randy in Richmond says:

October 5, 2012 at 1:48 pm(Edit)

I’ll step up and say the numbers don’t add up. Interesting that payrolls are exactly as forecast but the household survey is way better. Also U6 is unchanged. And 114,000 jobs created.

And the 873,000 jobs gained survey is the largest increase since 1983.

And when does this economic perfect storm occur? In October of 2012 in an election year with a President having Chicago roots.

People way smarter than me are very suspect of the numbers. Even talking heads on CNBC are shaking their heads. I’m willing to wait and see what happens on this in the next few weeks.

You can read the discussion on this site from over a year ago if you like:


Yeah, Obama won the election. His legacy is being played out daily. Those of us on the losing side of that election cannot change the results but we could have a running daily thread with the same title as this post.


  1. From Strupp in that thread:

    “The idea that the administration would manipulate the household survey is dumb.

    Sounds like something Hannity would say. I can only imagine where you got that idea. Don’t tell me. I honestly don’t want to know.”

    and also

    “Yeah a BLS economist is going to risk his or her career and reputation to doctor statistics for the President. These people understand game theory, risk etc. better than anyone in the world. The idea that they would manipulate this data isn’t rational.”

    Not rational. Gee.

  2. Read for content.

    The bulk of the story is based on a Census Bureau employee (Buckmon) who allegedly faked results back in 2010 not in 2012. Crudele alleges that he has evidence supporting faked results but gives no details other than to say that he has a reliable source. The New York/Philadelphia region that Buckmon worked in showed trend employment data during the fall of 2012 so I hope Crudele has solid evidence of widespread fraud throughout the Census Bureau or he’s going to look a lot like you folks did with your “skewed polls” nonsense last fall.

    So far Crudele has a single Census Bureau employee who allegedly faked data 4 years ago and a bunch of evidence we haven’t been shown. If he has evidence supporting widespread fraud, then I’ll change my tune and admit that you guys actually got something right last fall.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    We also feel bad we didn’t get that ineptness and lying thing right, either.