ACA: It’s the law.

I resisted the urge to add “stupid.”

I was all set to give you a brilliant deconstruction of John Doe II this morning, but then I saw that Wigderson chose to pontificate on the rightness of Republicans to claim Obama can’t make one-sided decisions regarding the Affordable Health Care act. Wiggy even invoked George Will! (Hand clutched to my chest in a tender moment of silence. Seriously. My fantasy dinner party has both Will and Charles Krauthammer at the table while I sit there and look ridiculous. Come to think of it, that might be a good reason to invite Wigderson. Generally only the most ridiculous person in the room is ridiculed, and my chances of appearing intelligent would improve greatly with his presence.)

(You have noticed I’m not a big Wigderson fan, right?)

So we’ve had dinner, and I’m looking clever, and we start talking about this Act. And that’s when I’m forced to remind all three gentlemen that the Affordable Care Act that Democrats pushed through the United States legislature without a single Republican vote was written to include absolute control by the Health and Human Services Secretary – meaning the President.

If you read the law, or rather if you put the text of the law through your handy-dandy version of Adobe Acrobat, you will find that in 974 pages of text, “Secretary” is used 3,136 times.

Want to fund a purple elephant breeding grounds under the news that purple elephants might one day hold a key to the manufacture of better fingernail polish and thus protect the hands of hundreds of well kept women? Of course it is in there. Indirectly, but it’s in there.

The Wigderson argument that Obama is acting against the law weakens Republicans. It implies no Republican will stand up to the president as he breaks the law. The better approach is to remind the country that Democrats not only gave us ACA without a single Republican vote, they wrote the law in such a way as to provide the administration with dictatorial authority in the matter.

Democrats will need to wear the heavy mantle of the failed law every minute of every day until the election in November 2014 before this situation will be improved. Taking control of both houses in the United States government is the only chance to restore balance when it comes to the healthcare debate.

Any discussion otherwise is weak-minded and damaging to Republicans.

(Not that I have an opinion or anything. Oh, and expect the original topic sometime later today or over the weekend. Or Monday. Oh, heck it’s me! You know better…)