Walker and Obama

This is one of those posts that will likely hack everyone off, but in doing so, I hope I also encourage you to think a bit. When two politicians from opposing camps do exactly the same thing, why does a side defend one and ridicule the other?

There are several (mind-boggling) characteristics Walker and Obama share.

1) Neither seems to understand a problem exists until he reads it in the paper.
2) Neither seems to actually make decisions on his own behalf, but always has someone to throw under the bus once a poor decision made on his behalf comes to light.
3) Both have odd little gaps in personal history.
4) Both have penned – agreed with a great deal of help – fanciful histories of himself.

Yep. We are going there.

A Madison television station reports

Walker says he wasn’t aware of Palmisano’s tweets until after they were reported but then he “took action.”

If you’ve been tucked under a rock, Taylor Palmisano is former Deputy Finance Director for Scott Walker’s campaign. She sent a strange fundraising email. (Capper earned that link. His story was picked up from London to Washington, D.C.) More about that email in a minute, but keep in mind, the next day the girl was fired, not for embarrassing Scott Walker, but for nasty tweets TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO.

Walker didn’t know she’d made those. He’s not been aware of staffer Tweets in the past.

For comparison I will offer that any Good Republican can give you instances from the NSA surveillance to the failing Obamacare website where President Barack Obama has used the “unaware” line.

Listen guys, at some point you are supposed to acknowledge responsibility. For me, one of most uncomfortable human emotions is that point where you become embarrassed for an ally or family member. I don’t care which side you are on in American politics, both of these guys regularly create that cringe response for their supporters.

Now about that email @itstaytime popped out on Black Friday. (She’s killed the Twitter account, by the way.) If you read the text (Gotta link it again. It’s only fair.), you will find it eerily similar to this request by the renamed Obama campaign from a few months ago. Both wanted your money instead of your sharing with others.

obama event registry

In another similarity, both Obama and Walker enjoy hearing a body thump under the bus. Walker’s latest was the campaign staffer, a month ago a national security guy was axed after embarrassing his boss on Twitter.

And just to ensure you understand my perspective, both Obama and Walker have mysterious college histories. For all his fame, no one seems to have attended college with Barack Hussein Obama. And for all his rewriting, our Governor Scott Walker won’t come clean on why he left Marquette University shy of his degree.

(Shameless plug: I came very close to untangling it all in my book. So close a reporter called this week with questions. And you know what? I gave him everything. Every link, every photo from my Marquette library research, every Wisconsin Blue Book bio clipping. Darn it. Walker’s story will out. It may not have my name attached, but it will come out. Of course Walker could always simply tell us…)

As I have argued before, if Wisconsin Republicans want to be able to identify Obama’s history in this matter, why wouldn’t they want the same opportunity with their governor? Both have written biographies. How the (bleep) does one write an autobiography incorrectly unless one intends to deceive?

Such revelations should mess with blind loyalty to a politician. Should a near-socialist Democrat like Capper be embracing Scott Walker since Walker is so similar to the President Capper loves? Should Good Republicans shun Walker for the same reason?

We are smarter than the politicians give us credit. We can think for ourselves. Encourage and support good candidates. Hold them all accountable. Pull away any rose-colored glasses and do your part to save our representative republic.


  1. Snopes has a debunking of “Nobody Remembers Obama at Columbia”

  2. Aw. Snopes has his sealed transcripts, too?

  3. I doubt that… but that’s not what you said in your post. You said “For all his fame, no one seems to have attended college with Barack Hussein Obama.” The Snopes article has evidence to the contrary of that claim. They also correctly state that he never would have been able to attend Harvard Law without having shown proof of receiving an Undergraduate Degree first… ie… Columbia.

  4. I will bow to Snopes’ wisdom. Someone remembers Obama. Should I modify the post to “few remember” or will you allow the parallel to Walker’s mysterious college years stand?

  5. There’s a pretty big difference between asking OTHERS to give to Obama rather than YOU, and YOU giving to Walker instead of YOUR KIDS.

    And how exactly does one go about having one’s transcripts sealed.

  6. Because a gift is never just a gift.

    And I’m not sure how that sealed thing happened. Wanna figure it out for me?

    (Good to hear from you!)

  7. His records are no more “sealed” than yours are.

  8. You lie Jim Spice! I published my transcripts on the internet years ago when I ran for mayor. I will be ever so happy to do it again. I was always an excellent student. 😉

  9. Touche. Though I wouldn’t call it a lie. I would call it being wrong. But that does not change the fact that Obama’s transcripts are not somehow nefariously “sealed.”

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    It really matters little whether the transcripts are sealed or not as one thing is certain-they are unavailable, period.

  11. You forgot one other common characteristic, each has successfully contributed to the widening of the partisan divide while in their respective roles. Those who govern successfully bring the two sides together. Reagan and Tip O’Neill understood that. Ideologically opposed, they worked together well and kept the ‘office’ politics at the office so to speak, for the better of the nation. Divisiveness will bring down any administration, and it may be the undoing of Obama’s legacy, and frankly I believe is one of the many things that will prevent Walker from moving any higher in the political arena.

  12. Ooh. Good point.

    Nice to hear from you Bdad.

  13. How many presidents have released their college transcripts?

  14. Randy in Richmond says:


    Some have, some didn’t.

  15. That was going to be my response, too.

  16. Luddie Mueller says:

    That was some good reading. But one key difference between Governor Walker and President Obama is that Walker will never see the White House. Well, at least as it’s occupant. It’s still amateur hour at the campaign and John Doe is going to stick around for a while. At some point he’ll have to tell us where those 250,000 jobs are. But if Walker keeps firing campaign people, well just never get there.

  17. “Some have, some didn’t.” – randy

    Okay. Which ones?

  18. Ugh. Google. That’s why it was invented.

    I’d link it but you have to suffer through a dozen pop-up adverts.

  19. Okay. I think I understand how things work around here. Someone makes an unsubstantiated claim, and the burden of proof falls upon the inquisitor of that claim.

    Sounds fair to me.

  20. It’s very easy, but seriously, all the links I could find were fraught with pop ups and I won’t do it.

    Bush #43’s C were famous. Clinton was quick to point to his academic accomplishments. It’s out there.

  21. Okay, I took your advice, (despite the threat of “pop ups”. I know, I’m stepping out on a limb here) I googled my question.

    I’m going with the folks at factcheck.org:

    “Obama hasn’t released them, but neither have other presidential candidates released their college records”


  22. Shaky limb. Of course you’d be going with the guys at factcheck.org

    Well darn. I’m wrong. Here’s one of Obama from Columbia. http://transterrestrial.com/images/ObamaTranscript.jpg

    (Kindly disregard that inconvenient bit about him being born in Kenya.)

    Here’s Bush #43 http://www.americanpolitics.com/bushtranscript.html (Not a Bush friendly site I might add. And negating the facktcheck.org argument, but that’s another only slightly inconvenient detail.)

    Here’s a New Yorker article on the topic: http://www.newyorker.com/archive/1999/11/08/1999_11_08_030_TNY_LIBRY_000019458

    A discussion on Bush #43, Gore, and Kerry: http://www.insidepolitics.org/heard/heard32300.html

    I feel I’ve properly rebutted your claim. I did find links without popups (the first few were awful, though!) and you should probably drop it unless you are simply trying to be a pain in the ass.

  23. Well, you answered my question to randy: “How many presidents have released their college transcripts?

    Answer: Two. George W. Bush and Barack Obama

    Thank you. But why couldn’t randy just say that? Why did he make you jump through so many hoops in order to defend his claim?

  24. If you want to take that Barack Obama as a legitimate transcript, fine by me.

  25. Randy in Richmond says:

    I originally made my statement as to President Obama not releasing his ‘Columbia’ transcripts. I stand by that statement. Cindy was not so much defending me but exhibiting the inability of you to substantiate whatever point it is you wish to make. But I’ll concede to the transcript she links and that you reference to defend your claim.

    Seems Barack got a “F” in Basic Job Creation and a “D” in Free Markets. His other courses include :

    Evil of Zionism
    Islamic Studies
    Advanced Marxism
    Liberal Theology
    Evil of America

    This certainly (could) answer a lot of questions.

  26. Alex, perhaps our method was unkind as I suspect you are young, but darn it. If you are going to argue with the grownups, pay attention to your sources.

  27. Randy,

    The point I was making was made obvious by my question to you. My point was to challenge a claim you made, I was skeptical of its truthfulness. My objective all along has been to at some point in the conversation to arrive at the truth. I’ve gotten there . How bout you, are you there also, or are you still holding fast to the “some have, some didn’t” claim?

  28. But some did and some didn’t is true. I’m still not getting your point.

  29. Randy in Richmond says:


    Yes, some have, some haven’t.

  30. Randy,

    There are people out there who adamantly believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that Obama is not a US citizen. You and I know them as idiots.

    You’re not an idiot, Randy. You’re smart. You know that a belief is as valid as the evidence that serves as its foundational support. Your belief that “some have and some haven’t” is most assuredly supported by knowledge based evidence. Why are you so reluctant to share that knowledge with the rest of us? Why are you being so stingy?

  31. Ta da! http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/article/2013/dec/18/scott-walker-early-years/

    “(Shameless plug: I came very close to untangling it all in my book. So close a reporter called this week with questions. And you know what? I gave him everything. Every link, every photo from my Marquette library research, every Wisconsin Blue Book bio clipping. Darn it. Walker’s story will out. It may not have my name attached, but it will come out. Of course Walker could always simply tell us…)”

  32. Toot. Toot.

    That’s the sound of your horn. 🙂

  33. Yep. Sometimes I’m proud of the work I do. I’ve been taught that’s ok. Hope you have, too.

  34. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your work. But aren’t you just a little disappointed after having given all that hard work of yours away to Umhoefer that he didn’t bother to give you one bit of recognition for it?

  35. Oh, you must be young. One never expects proper adoration from a reporter. I knew that going into it. He did list an interview with me as a source.

    Plus, Bruce Murphy from Urban Milwaukee was very kind yesterday.


    My research was affirmed, the Dems backed off Governor Walker on the issue, what’s not to love about this outcome?

  36. Oh. He did list you as a source.

    Sorry, I didn’t see that.

    Sourced by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. You rock!

  37. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your original question was, “How many presidents have released their college transcripts?”
    To answer your question with no caveats I would say – none.

    To answer the question how many Presidents’ college transcripts have been released is – ‘some have, some haven’t.’ Whether they are accurate or authenic is unknown.

  38. Randy in Richmond says:

    Notice how today at the Press Conference Obama used Health Care or Health Care Act to refer to the Affordable Care Act. Good for him. Maybe he’s trying to start telling the truth about about what the real cost is going to be.