2 + 2 = ?

Since Sunday I keep hearing from Democrats about the positive news coming from the numbers being released by the White House regarding last minute federal Obamacare signups and how the improved website operation was making a huge difference. Let’s look at the numbers as released by the White House through Sunday December 29th :

Total signups thru December 22th: 900,000

Total signups thru the program ‘s extended deadline December 24th: 1,100,000

Yesterday on Meet the Press Rep. Joaquin Castro(D) reported that on the last 2 days of signups (Dec 23 & 24) there were “about a million people either on the website or made a phone call to enroll”. Simple math deduces that 1 out of 5 people checking on Obamacare actually signed up with the deadline looming. Could it be these searchers are not liking what they are finding?

And to muddy the water even more, a sign up is not equivalent to an enrollment. Dan Mangan and Jodi Granick of CNBC have calculated that “about 3.5 percent (of those signing up)—have actually paid a premium and thereby enrolled in coverage.”

Could this simple math be the reason the Obama administration is not releasing the hard numbers associated with actual enrollees into the Affordable Health Care Act?

Time will tell.

And to all a Happy New Year!

Post by Randy in Richmond