Are things too quiet?

It won’t come as any surprise that I like my politics loud and messy. I think conflict can be good. I don’t like dictated agendas. I prefer an agenda to manifest organically from need.

In other words, gosh I hate Wisconsin politics right now. The true politics, what’s getting done in the legislature and what’s coming out of the Governor’s office, look more like a 4th grade social studies lesson than anything with real consequence.

There’s a little being done to inch some voting integrity issues along, but nothing has been resolved, and we are still waiting for courts. There’s a little being done to unwind Common Core, but we know local districts in Wisconsin have all the control they need. There’s a little being done to manage the budget, but we are still waiting on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court about an Act 10 ruling.

It’s too quiet.

And I know that’s the way the Governor wants it. He’s all I-might-want-to-be-king-someday and everything he doesn’t do now isn’t news later. Besides, whole rooms of people are sorting through 27,000 emails in hopes of not having to do any real work. (Oh, and maybe finding a path to Walker that looks something like this.)

More proof it’s too quiet? This week’s primaries. Local non-partisan races were so uncontested many municipalities didn’t have to run primaries. City of Brookfield’s Clerk Kelly Michael’s estimates the city saved around $20,000 to $24,000 by not holding a primary. No doubt that kind of savings was behind the decision one Wisconsin community made to run a ballot in April with three candidates and allow a plurality win. (Gosh I wish I could remember where I read that! Let me know if you do.)

It’s still too quiet.

And yes, it bothers me a little that in my own community many races are back to being uncontested. It’s not that things really got that better around here – we are due for some awful development decisions in our community soon – but people are tired.

Walker’s Act 10 move and the subsequent recall backlash sucked the energy out of Wisconsin politics. I think that’s something we have to admit. The challenge is to not give into it much longer.

We can’t give into the void of Gubernatorial leadership created by a Governor who wants to be President. Or the lack of leadership from a Senate Majority Leader who wants to be a Congressman. Or an Assembly Majority Leader who wants to be Governor. Giving up steady progress towards more conservative government is going to cost the GOP cause down the road.

If you want fair and secure election laws in our state, call and tell your representatives. If you want Common Core eradicated as a possibility, make sure they know you expect them to follow through on the rhetoric.

Keep them working.


  1. I think the full time legislators under the dome are working ( I use that term loosely) way too much. There are a number of new laws or bills in the mill that are solutions looking for a problem. One new measure awaiting the process is a major change in how electric transmission lines are sited and permitted. The regulated community says the existing process works great, but the our wise elected officials know better. They also spend way too much time meddling in local affairs. As the party of “smaller government”, they sure can be hypocrites when taking away local control from counties and municipalities. Residency requirements, cell tower siting, frac sand mining, MPS property ownership,etc., are but a few examples of where state government has over reached.