Bill Kramer, party animal

So two ladies accused Republican Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer of sexual harassment and in the blink of an eye he’s in rehab. We don’t know what kind of rehab, but alcohol was involved according to the accounts. I’ll let my mind jump to the conclusion that it’s Party Animal rehab and not Sexual Addiction or Narcissistic Politician rehab.

Kramer, the Republican (party animal) representing the 97th Assembly district in Wisconsin likes to drink and harass women. Surprise! Or not.

Charlie Sykes knew it. He is happy to remind you that he said so.

There is likely no woman in state politics who was unaware of Kramer’s pattern and practice of conduct. Sometimes it was simply inappropriate humor aimed at colleagues, staffers, lobbyists, or wives. But sometimes, including on out-of town-trips in which he was representing the state, it crossed the line into offensive and embarrassing. The stories were legion. Alcohol was often involved.

But, and this is cute, on the same website James Wigderson proclaims:

I’m going to disagree with those who think this was somehow inevitable. Kramer is a pretty smart and capable politician. He had to know there was a target on his back, and it was placed there by some of his colleagues in his own party.

As I tweeted a couple of days ago, you may safely interpret that last article as Kramer is in rehab because he’s been targeted by members of his own party, not because he’s a party animal. Yes, that’s sarcastic, but that’s the logic Wigderson used. Cool, huh?

No, not really. It’s not cool at all that the Republican party is so pathetic at vetting party animals that Kramers and Newcomers continue to be elected. What’s even worse is that really, if you are Republican and voting in Wisconsin, you can only blame yourself.

Kramer is a jerk. Jerks happen. But the thing that bothers me is that a small-minded, part-time politician gets to live off a generous state salary, per diems, and a campaign account to make party animal junkets to Washington, DC. By the way, Kramer’s January 2014 continuing report shows he likes to fly AirTran.


  1. Do we have any idea who is likely to replace Kramer as Assembly Majority leader? (he will lose that position, right?) Do we know who ran for this post last time when Kramer was elected?

    Agree this is embarrassing.

  2. Knudson from Hudson isn’t interested according to this:

    That’s who ran against Kramer for the spot. The article also said they might leave it open.

  3. Good find, Cindy. You’d think they would find SOMEONE who wanted the position, right?

  4. The Lorax says:

    Wigderson is such a dumb***. Politics aside, he’s a great (awful?) example of a blowhard.