The WI GOP caucus needs to finish spring cleaning and remove Speaker Vos

Alternate Title: What’s good for the gander is good for the other gander.

You know what else everyone knows? Robin Vos is yet another Wisconsin legislator who has trouble keeping his personal life in line with his political teachings.

Now that Vos has successfully removed Bill Kramer as Majority Leader, it’s time for the good Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly to finish the job of spring cleaning and send Robin Vos back to the line.

I don’t care how supposedly brilliant a politician that man may be. He’s not clever enough to keep his affair to another past-assembly member private, is he? That makes him not very clever at all. All we have to do is look to past brilliant Wisconsin Republican leadership like Scott Jensen to know that they can fall to the ground very hard.

And yes, I’m well aware that since that brilliant Republican strategist Newt Gingrich went all honey-can-we-have-an-open-marriage on the GOP Family Values doctrine, the battle is long lost. Still, I contend that respect deserves a place in Wisconsin GOP politics, and it is very, very hard for me to respect a WISGOP leader who can’t keep his pants zipped.

So, today I am calling on new GOP voices, very respected voices like my own representative Dale Kooyenga, to call the caucus together again and pledge to finish the job they started.

This is the perfect time for such a task. The new district maps have been drawn and are fully implemented. There is no chance of losing the Republican majorities in the Assembly and the Senate. The Governor’s re-election campaign is not yet at full speed. Do the Governor a favor and clean up the pillars of his party in this state.

Give me a Republican party in Wisconsin that makes me proud. Remove Robin Vos as Assembly Speaker.


  1. You should subtitle it… What’s Good for the Clinton is Good for the Vos

  2. While your at it insist that his estranged wife who has resided in Idaho for the past 2 years stop returning to Wisconsin and voting in our elections. THERE’S AN OPEN CASE OF VOTER FRAUD THAT NO ONE WANTS TO TOUCH. I wonder why?

  3. What evidence do you have supporting the notion that Vos is having an affair? And if indeed he is having an affair why should we care? After all, it does appear as though his marriage is dead.

  4. Oh Alex. Bwahahaha. Cute.

  5. Oh, that’s very mature of you.

    Do you have any evidence or are you relying solely on Liebenthal gossip? And why no mention of the married woman he is allegedly having an affair with? How is it that she somehow escapes your condemnation?

    Btw, your edit feature sucks.

  6. I like how you admit that district’s have been rigged to maintain Republican control. At least you own up to it.

  7. Oh gosh yes, James. Of course they were. Elections have consequences. The law has always been written to allow control of redistricting if the parties had the power. Federal law is written the same way. The problem for Dems in Wisconsin was that no one planned ahead and allowed competitive districts to fall to Republicans prior to the census years. Dems had fallen to the habit of the courts calling the shots because the Assembly and Senate were on different sides. The loss of one of those houses was much more damaging to Dems in WI than Scott Walker’s win. Dems took their eye off the ball, and have only themselves to blame. BUT! (And this is important) The new lines were not gerrymandering. They were simply new lines to support Republican goals. Gerrymandering is illegal. New lines are not.

    I wrote about it the day after the November 2010 election:

    Alex, dude, unbundle your undies. You aren’t going to get anywhere with that one. Plus, I started this, not Capper. Ask Capper if you don’t believe me.

  8. Okay, so your allegations are based on gossip.

    That’s all I wanted to know.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Btw, I’m no fan of Vos. It just seems proper to me to have a legitimate reason before you nail him to the cross (no offense intended, Jesus).

  9. But Alex, my “allegations” don’t matter here at all. My job is to remind the WISGOP caucus to the fact that they have a job to do. They determine if their own knowledge affirms my assertions.

    This one doesn’t have to play in public opinion – it only has to remind the caucus to lead, not to be led by an extremely fallible bully.

  10. Non-Republican Visitor says:

    As a new visitor here I just want to say that I really admire your spirit and your un-compromising values as a woman. And (since I really dislike characterizing issues, reactions and things by gender) by that I mean all this acceptance of screwing around and grabbin’ a$$ and acceptance of lazy morals and disrespect of marriage is gross. My gender (as recipients of this Hi-T behavior) does not hit back hard enough, or at all, and I find that really disturbing.
    In addition, you don’t mince words (i.e. on that redistricting comment you made above, very frank and unapologetic) but you just put it out there. Blogging from a personal point of view is so rare as to be dead these days. Being “genuine” on every 20th post while towing the party/echo-chamber line on all the rest is considered proper form, but is a joke. And I do not include the “shock-jock”types in the category of personal viewpoints either, as they actually are playing it very safe, and just varnishing regurgitated thought with a lot of meaningless bluster. Listeners can then feel angry, dangerous, and bold while basically hearing a bedtime story they’ve heard a hundred times before. Not the same. So good for you. Keep hittin’ ’em with a fire hose and don’t back down for anyone or any so-called “greater good”, but tell it how YOU see it. Wish I’d kept with that myself.

  11. Now I’m blushing. Thanks.

  12. alex kilibrand says:

    “my “allegations” don’t matter here at all”

    That’s a fine rationalization for behaving badly.

    Say, didn’t making false allegations get you in hot water a while back?

    “Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.”

  13. If you have something to say Alex, then say it. If I’ve been in hot water in the last few years, I certainly can’t recall it. By all means, remind me. All I can remember is dull midwestern housewife stuff.

  14. alex kilibrand says:

    “All I can remember is dull midwestern housewife stuff.”

    Dull’s not good. Have you considered getting a pool-boy?

  15. alex kilibrand says:

    Okay, sorry for the time delay. I had to refresh my memory via CCAP.

    I don’t remember exactly what it was that you said, but you were sued for making unfounded allegations against Joseph Niebler … were you not?

    Perhaps this was just a walk in the park for a “midwestern housewife”. But to me it looks like a dive into extremely hot water.

  16. Joseph Niebler did not like that I outed the poisons on the property he was trying to develop, but they were documented and proven accurate during discovery. That’s why he settled for a few thousand dollars instead of going to trial. My insurance company bought Niebler off rather than incur the expense of a trial. The whole thing cost me nothing but time. The settlement was perfect timing since my father was dying and it let me have a couple of months with him instead of preparing for court.

    My work convinced the City of Brookfield to implement an impossible hurdle that will keep Niebler from ever developing the property. I got my way. Does CCAP list it as a win? Nope. But it was one. A good one. So yes, I was sued. But no, it wasn’t unfounded. My reputation is built on my research. I am good at it. I make a mistake now and then, but for the most part it’s why people read me.

    Gosh it’s flattering that you’ve taken such interest. It’s not very often I get my very own troll. Mr. Vos must owe you a great deal for your loyalty.

  17. This must be one of those “mistakes”.

    past tense: gerrymandered; past participle: gerrymandered

    manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.

  18. Hmmm. That is different from what I learned, but if you say so. I guess there is a more generic use of the term.

    So the districts were gerrymandered, but they were not, except for one line, (that I recall) illegally maneuvered according to the courts.

    This Bing definition offers the concept of fairness in the description:

    Definition of gerrymander (vti)
    Bing Dictionary
    ger·ry·man·der[ jérree màndər ]
    try to get extra votes unfairly: to manipulate an electoral area, usually by altering its boundaries, in order to gain an unfair political advantage in an election
    act of gerrymandering: an unfair manipulation of an electoral area for political advantage
    manipulated electoral area: an electoral area manipulated in such a way as to give one political party an unfair advantage in an election

    You didn’t source yours.

  19. Mine was what popped up when I googled it. Just because something is technically legal, does not mean it is not unethical, morally wrong, undemocratic or outright disgusting.

    Signing secrecy agreements to gerrymander the state so you can pick your own voters and really never have to answer to anyone is all of the above.

  20. Um, no, Jeff, as usual we will disagree. It’s a tool in the toolbox. The tool is available to whichever party is in power. Don’t you even dare assert that if Dems had control of the situation they would be drawing competitive districts. You just don’t like that your side is a loser in this one, so whining is all you’ve got.

  21. Pretty sure the Founders would vehemently disagree that its a “tool in the toolbox” , which is the biggest irony of all. The “tea party” gets lil chubbies hwne they redrew the districts to make it so republicans never have to answer to the voters so you can be morally bankrupt like Robin vos and never have to worry about what you say or do ever coming back to haunt you.

    You might be right that dems would not draw competitive districts, but I personally would be disgusted by it. I can pretty much assure you though that the dems would not have sent two staffers to work with Ed Garvey and make every rep sign secrecy agreements during the process. You say “my side” but my side really is the state of WI not D or R.

    I do admire the fact that the republican leadership is smart enough to understand that their ideas are a losing battle all the way around so the only way to keep power is change the rules. Much easier than changing your beliefs I guess.

  22. Oh, Jeff. You haven’t done much reading on the founders, have you? Those dudes were ruthless.

    Still, the system works, whether or not it pisses you off. The system is designed to let the pendulum swing. It’s really the the most brilliant of plans.

    Hang on and in ten or twenty years your side will own Wisconsin again. (I do understand why no one wants to admit to being a Dem in Wisconsin right now. 😉 )

  23. I know the founders very well. They were ruthless for people who were anti democrat. The current group of elected republicans closely resemble the Tories and our founders would probably leave them hanging from a tree if they tried to gerrymander the state like they did.

    They didn’t risk life, limb and family so reps cpuld pick their voters and be entrenched on government for life.

    I’m wondering. About your research skills

  24. No shit Sherlock! The Founders certainly didn’t plan on anyone using the government as their income for life.

    I’m wondering if you realize how ridiculous you sound when you think you are making a great point.