Governor Walker commits to Voter ID in Wisconsin

He told reporters he would call a special session if the current Voter ID law falls in court.

Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel offers the opinion:

Such a move could help ensure the voter ID requirement is in place for the November elections, when Walker will be on the ballot for re-election.

(Oh, I don’t think Marley was meant to be writing an opinion piece, but they do it all the time, don’t they?)

Anyway, I don’t see Walker’s commitment to voter identification quite the same way. Even if the legislators and governor swooped in and duplicated a tried and true bill similar to another state’s, someone will still sue to stop it. It will all be a mess for November 2014.

This is about taking Wisconsin Republican for the next presidential election in 2016, not a gubernatorial race in 2014. Walker’s already proven he can best Democrats in this state not once, but twice. What he will really need is a Wisconsin whose electoral votes are not diluted by Democrat shenanigans lining up folks to vote in the metro areas. And he’ll want it all securely in place before any Presidential attempt he might make.

That’s also why the legislature is anxious to pass SB 324. (Not all of Grothman’s ideas are bad ones!) And I completely agree that it isn’t at all fair that a wealthy community like Madison or Milwaukee should be able to fund wide-open voting times when a lesser, more rural community would certainly enjoy more available voting but could not afford it.

(That’s the best spin, hands down, that the Republicans have authored in a couple of years now. Of course the bill is to keep Democrats from lining up folks to vote with the promise of a pack of cigarettes at the end. Now they only get set times to do so instead of two whole weeks.)

All in all, every little bit helps. If unions can demand photo identification for their elections, why can’t Wisconsin? Exactly.

Now if we could just do something about same day registration around here…


  1. The Lorax says:

    “Democrat shenanigans lining up folks to vote in the metro areas”

    Yeah we wouldn’t want people to vote!

  2. Organic voting is swell. Smokes for votes? Not so much.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree. Voting for a pack of cigarettes or a bus pass or because somebody tells you who – is not a valid reason to vote.

  4. I’m against inorganic voting:

  5. “They’re not trying to fix problems, they are trying to fix the elections.” – Mayor Barrett

    Truth spoken here:

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Interesting how one can use statistics to make one’s point of view. In the article you link, Mr. Murphy compares percentages of votes cast between large cities and smaller towns or rural areas. I guess his point was to show the reduced early voting time was affecting turnout. Only that’s not true.

    In Milwaukee in 2008 there were 31,974 early votes cast and in 2012 there were 36,578 early votes.

    Remember, 2008 was before the voting time period was reduced. Seems Walker’s plan was greatly beneficial to those voting early in Milwaukee in 2012 as there was an increase of over 14% of early voters compared to 2008.