Democrats and race in Milwaukee

Why won’t Milwaukee Democrats engage in a discussion about economic disparity in Milwaukee? I have a few ideas. Chances are, you won’t like them, but since it will give a handful of you something new to bicker about, I’ll go ahead.

This post started bouncing around when I saw this from Sam. Here is where my mind traveled:

1) A mostly white gathering at the Wisconsin Democrats’ Founder’s Day dinner:

Democrats host annual Founders Day Gala Dinner

2) Memories of mostly black voters herded for early voting in 2012: (source)


3) This famous exclamation from United States Vice President Joe Biden:

CBS News described the gathering as an African-American audience.

Once again I ask blacks in Milwaukee, are you ok with Democrats treating you this way? With rich mostly white folks hanging out in fancy hotel ballrooms and later renting your buses to get you to the polls? Just checking, because I know I’d be cranky about it.


By now you might be able to intuit my lack of surprise with some Dem reactions to this study which says Wisconsin is the worst state in the union to be a black child. Half a dozen folks were very quick to blame Scott Walker below the Facebook post I saw.

Milwaukee has a Democrat for a Mayor. Dane County has a large Democrat base. Wisconsin has only been Republican since 2010. The president of the United States is a Democrat. For two years Democrats held a filibuster-free lock on the Senate and the House in addition to the presidency.

Still, Wisconsin Democrats blame Republican Governor Scott Walker. Even The Cap Times recognizes that being a poor black child in our state is not a “new issue” from their article a couple of weeks ago.

Nothing will change for the poor black children in Wisconsin until Democrats in our state confess they are a part of the problem and that finger pointing is never a solution.


One other thing that needs to happen for the sake of poor black children: Mothers need to parent in a two-parent household. This study confirms it again. In the United States, 32% of African-American children live in two-parent families (Page 12) while for white children the number is 76%. (Page 20)

Two-parent families often mean two incomes, and those two incomes will likely raise a child above the poverty level. The fastest way to keep a child from poverty is to have that child in a two-parent household.

It’s a culture of poverty, a culture of black poverty. It’s the culture that needs to change, not an increase in the handouts.


So Democrats, how will you be involved in changing the culture? In changing the curse of being poor and young and black in Wisconsin. Go ahead, attend more mostly white dinners where you lament those poor Wisconsin black children.

Seeing the problem clearly is the first step in change.


  1. HEAR HEAR!!!

  2. So true of not only WI, but of CA and many if not most other states as well. Very well stated, Cindy!

  3. You speak the truth that the Dems deny! Great article Cindy.

  4. Alex Kilibrand says:

    Allow me to paraphrase:

    If we could just get them negroes to marry, everthin would be awl right!

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  6. Alex, allow me to paraphrase: Your opinion matters less to me than the fact that I stepped in a puddle walking home from book club tonight.

    You have no value here, but you are certainly welcome to continue to embarrass yourself. Just remember, no one is anonymous forever.

  7. jimspice says:

    How ’bout we go back to a time when a family could survive on one income. I don’t care if it’s the man or woman who stays home, but having a parent full time is crucial. Interestingly, household income has been stagnant in constant dollars since the ’70s (when 1-paycheck household were the norm) for the lower- and middle-class, while it has ballooned for the rich. The “makers” have gotten double the workers for the same price. How sad.

  8. Hey Jim. Fine with me. Think that will change the culture as described above? If there’s only one parent in a household, and that one parent is expected to work to earn the family living, what happens to the child in that household who is abandoned while all the other children are allowed to have one parent at home full time to tend to his or her needs?

    In other words, you changed the subject to harp. No bueno.

  9. Search for and read the following: “A Black Conservative’s War on Poverty”, featured in the Wall Street Journal this weekend. It is a very informative article from an interview with Robert Woodson Sr. [From the article: “Around 70 cents of every dollar designated to relieve poverty goes not to poor people but to people who serve the poor – social workers, counselors, et cetera,” he says. “We’ve created a poverty industry, turned poor people into a commodity. And the race hustlers play a bait-and-switch game where they use the conditions of low-income blacks to justify remedies” – such as racial education preferences – “that only help middle-income blacks.”] There is too much from the article to summarize here, but it is worth reading if you want a brutally honest look at black poverty and what can/should be done. And finally, a two-parent family is definitely a step in the right direction (he addresses that too).

  10. Alex Kilibrand says:

    “I was once told by a black democrat that Milwaukee county meetings were mostly a white event” – yoSAMite (from the post Cindy references)

    An anonymous black democrat tells an anonymous blogger that county meetings are mostly white. Okay. I have no way of knowing whether that’s the case or not, I’ve never attended one of the meetings (apparently, neither has Sam), and considering the meetings take place at 9:30 am on a workday morning, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be attending one anytime soon. But I do know the meetings are free to the public.

    “I was really surprised by this revelation as the impression an outsider gets is that the party is totally integrated in everything it does.” yoSAMite

    I got news for you Sam, there ain’t no “the party” in the County Board:

    “The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors is a body of 18 legislative representatives who are elected to four-year terms on a nonpartisan ballot …”

    So, how does one draw a connection between a non-partisan Milwaukee county board meeting and a State Democratic Party fundraising dinner? Fock if I know.

    But is it really that difficult to imagine why the poorest demographic among us is not highly represented at an event that would cost a couple, at the very least, $500 to attend?

  11. Thank you for the WSJ article, Stan.

    Alex: you are ridiculous. Your comments are directed towards another writer. Go stomp your foot on his blog.

  12. This is an excellent example of the harm done by our war on drugs. Drug use is roughly equal among different racial groups, and yet drug crime is more heavily enforced on minorities. This leads to many of the problems we see demonstrated in your blog post:
    1. Black men are in jail instead of helping raise kids or working
    2. Its harder to get a job after having a criminal record
    3. Someone is less likely to be considered “marriage material” after being in prison

    This has long lasting generational effects as well that are difficult to clean up quickly.

  13. Alex Kilibrand says:

    Pay special attention to what you see at the 32 second mark. Very disturbing.

  14. Wasn’t that awesome! Now, if you find Walker and Kleefish taking a selfie with the state seal of Wisconsin in the back of a limo, do let me know.

    Alex, sweetie, you are trying so hard. Normally I’d give someone with your tenacity an A for effort, but something tells me you aren’t the normal troll. So keep logging those comments! Everyone deserves to make a living – even if it’s from Mom’s basement.

  15. Guess what. Republicans, with their Reaganomics, TRULY do not help things for any people of color. Today’s NY Times pointed out that the US “Middle Class” has lost major ground relative to other countries since 1980 (um, Reagan); now the Canadian Middle Class is ahead of us, economically; thank you Supply-Siders, and your (BS) Trickle Down theory; we’re, unfortunately, stuck with this BS in Wisconsin for the foreseeable future, until the gerrymandered districts can be overcome.

    So, no times aren’t great for those of color, but certainly Walker, and his minions, are CLEARLY making maters worse.

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    Gee CMART, if it all started in 1980, um, end of Carter debacle, where were you guys in the late 80’s and the 90’s?

    “People of color”? Are Asians people of color? How about Latinos? How about me, I’m white. Or Cuban Americans? Or Indians, or Pakistanis, or …

    “Those of color”? Is there a box to check somewhere for this totally exclusionary description?

  17. Alex Kilibrand says:

    “Everyone deserves to make a living – even if it’s from Mom’s basement.”

    Gee, I’ve not heard that one before (wink, wink).

    But actually, I have a real job. Have you ever had a real job?

  18. J. Strupp says:
  19. Oh, I’ve had several “real jobs”. Lots of W-2s in my life over the years. I’ve been lucky that way. My career was pretty much raising three respectful and successful children, but I’ve held other paying jobs, too.

    Alex, you need to move back to being a productive comment contributor or I’m going to revoke your privileges. Asshole is just one personality type I don’t accommodate very well on my blog. You’ve crossed that line a few times recently. This is your last warning.

  20. Here’s a link to the WSJ article. If it doesn’t show, try browsing in an “incognito” or privacy setting.

  21. Alex Kilibrand says:

    “People of color”? Are Asians people of color? How about Latinos? How …”

    Randy, everyone knows what CMART meant by “people of color”, including you. Stop being an obnoxious asshole.

  22. Michael Stanley says:

    Guess we won’t see Alex around here much longer…..

  23. I kind of blocked him for a wee bit until he could pull it together. I might change my mind later. But then, I might not.