Just Walk Away” (Not the one by Celine Dion)

Based on the established policy history of the Obama administration, I am trying to determine exactly how they will handle the Sgt. Bergdahl story as we go forward. Will it be shovel readied? Fast & Furioused? Rev. Wrighted? Benghazied? VA’d? Nuclear optioned? NSA’d? Doctored? IRS’d? Keystoned? What difference does it make’d?

We are being asked by the Obama administration to wait until investigation(s) are completed before passing judgement (sound familiar) on Sgt Bergdahl.


But wait.

Who is in position to release info that he attempted to escape and was placed in a cage? Oh, that would be someone in the Obama administration. But that’s okay – that fits the narrative this administration wants to portray.

Time will tell.