No Rain in Richmond

I never thought I would do it. On Tuesday I voted for a college professor that conducts his trade in a small liberal arts college in Ashland, Virginia a.k.a. the Center of the Universe and home of the annual Starawberry Faire.

My Congressman will change in January of next year. I live in the district of the present Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor. I am not surprised he lost. My first hint of him being in trouble came several weeks ago when I realized there was a large increase in the number of ads he was running compared to previous elections. His camp saying they were surprised is baloney. Cantor is a nice guy who fulfilled the Peter Principle perfectly. In administering his position as Majority Leader he neglected his district and those that sent him 90 miles up the road. He was really just doing his appointed job but many here disliked that every so often he would cozy up to the President, and believe me when I say this, Obama is hated throughout this district. Cantor’s stance on immigration (amnesty), whether perceived or real, also played a part in his defeat.

I have watched on TV, as this is a national story, the pundits and others try to explain the loss with a myriad of guesses and theorys. Let me explain what it was not. It was not the “stormy” day we had Tuesday as I kept hearing – it did not rain in Richmond during voting hours on Tuesday. It had nothing to do with the Teaparty except several national figures associated with that party supported David Brat because mostly they opposed Cantor. It had nothing to do with all that money Cantor spent wining and dining, generally because of his leadership position, because those of us in the district were not aware of that until it was brought up by those pundits. It was not because Cantor’s ads themselves mentioned his opponent (Brat) which made us aware of him – that notion brought up by some insults me as a voter.

No, it’s really quite simple. A desire for practical conservatism by a conservative district and Cantor’s ‘willingness’ to work on some level of amnesty before the border is adequately protected did him in. Add to that David Brat’s many small rallies where he astutely related what he stands for led me, and apparently many others, to vote for him. I attended one of Brat’s rallies and he never mentioned the Teaparty. Tying him to that movement is something the media and Democrats will try to do because they perceive that as a negative and will attempt to give it national consequences.

If he can keep from having any Todd Akin moments or talking about a woman’s libido, he will be my next Congressman in the House of Representatives.