Scott Walker: The Meh Governor

Gone are the days when the mention of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to folks outside the state elicits a spark of excitement. Right up there with Walker’s lackluster book sales (I know. Those are no fun!) is a growing response of “Meh.” As in who? Or maybe, that’s so last year. Or even, what a disappointment.

You see, for all the excitement Walker created with his gubernatorial debut by pushing forward Act 10, the progression towards a red Wisconsin skidded to a stop. Sure taxes went down, but the average household can’t even use that savings to buy a cup of coffee every day. He can try to build a buzz on the savings, but it’s not going to impress anyone.

And now, a couple of years after surviving a recall election, Walker is running a spectacularly mediocre re-election campaign. I could be wrong, but I suspect Democrats tossed up the wealthiest gubernatorial candidate in the history of Wisconsin. Democrats who swear Scott Walker is out to destroy the working family in Wisconsin have put forward a silver-spooned also-ran who can do little more than spout, “but…but…Scott Walker!”

Talk about a dearth in political enthusiasm.

Perhaps a few folks will enjoy the inevitable campaign adverts. Scott Walker promising his 250,000 jobs promise was something you weren’t supposed to take seriously. Mary Burke promising a life lived of extraordinary privilege makes her the very average Wisconsin voter.

And so we wait.

I plan to keep the television off through November. I won’t listen to radio, either. In the end, all the jabs and false attacks from both sides won’t change the outcome of this election. You could hold it today and the results would be the same as they will be in November. I still predict Walker at 53%.

Imagine a state with leadership. A governor who calls a special session to manage voter identification like he promised. Someone who stays in the state to listen to the constituency instead of galavanting to political fundraisers just like President Obama.

By all reports, Governor Scott Walker is fond of telling his teenage religious conversion story. Let’s hope he has a political conversion experience soon. One where he comes back to Wisconsin to lead.


  1. “Someone who stays in the state to listen to the constituency instead of galavanting to political fundraisers”

    Are you kidding me? Walker’s been all over the country stumping.

  2. Wasn’t that my point?