Tuesday’s primary post mortem

This is going to be rather short because, um, oh dear…

I didn’t vote.

That’s right. I’ll own it. I’m out of town and missed the absentee mail in deadline and failed to catch an early voting day before I left. It’s the first election I’ve skipped in I don’t know how long. I almost feel guilty. Almost.

The only race where I really needed to make a choice was for State Treasurer. Adamczyk won that one. I knew he would. I like Melchert very much, too. I bet if he tries again, he’ll find a place in state office some day if he really wants one.

I had no interest in voting Dem to send Burke a message by voting for Hulsey. The only race in the state I found interesting (and about 2am this morning it was downright fascinating!) was in the 6th District where Grothman beat Leibham by what is now 215 votes.

I’m not a fan of Mr. Grothman’s, but since I’m not in his district, I’ll let it go.

Try as they might, Sheriff David Clarke was never really at risk.

There are half a dozen winners and losers listings today. I’ll go out on a limb and say that while it was fun to watch Abele put his money where his mouth was on that race, the real losers remain the organized (what’s left of them) public unions. No traction in this election at all.

So what happens next? We watch and wait. It always helps to follow the money. Bill Lueders does that on Isthmus today.


  1. Oh, well…

  2. Then you have an extreme case of sour grapes from Wonder Bread group Grassroots Northshore:

    “Status Update
    By Grassroots Northshore
    Congrats go out to our winning candidates last night, including Mary Burke for governor, Gwen Moore for Congress and David BD Bowen for the 10th Assembly District.

    Sadly, at this point it appears Milwaukee County with the help of crossover voting rejected the competence of Chris Moews and went with a blowhard who is miss-managing the Sheriff’s department. The second amendment has nothing to do with running a government department.

    Very disconcerting was this crossover effort was propelled by corporate owned right wing talk radio stations. There is no doubt that WTMJ and WISN were involved directly in this effort and such participation should be banned.

    We were confident that Chris was going to pull it off, but the lesson here is that we can’t work hard enough in the face of the right-wing’s underhanded tactics.”

  3. Randy in Richmond says:


    You refer to your candidate as competent and he very well may have been. This would have been the complete opposite to your guy and his gang in the White House that has exemplified ineptitude and incompetence at a level not seen in the WhiteHouse in my lifetime.

  4. Maybe some confusion – that wasn’t my candidate. I was quoting another source above.

  5. Yes, I noticed a bit of confusion, too.

    Long live the internet!

  6. No problem. I just find it funny the clowns that endorsed crossover voting for Neumann in 2010 are crying about the same tactic now.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sorry. I didn’t pay attention to the location of the “……….”s.

  8. No problem. Grassroots Nutshore exposed themselves for the fascist and free-speech hating organization that they are.