Why Walker is more popular than his policies.

Ok, that was kind of mean of me. It’s a direct play on Jay Bullock’s (@folkbum) post over at On Milwaukee, “Poll position: Somehow, Walker is more popular than his policies.”

Bullock tosses up a poll salad of favorite Dem talking points:

Common Core
Minimum wage
Tax cuts only help the wealthy
Medicaid expansion

For a little color he reminds us that this month Wisconsin Democrats want better transparency in campaign donations. They might not care so much if it were a Democrat reaping the cash bonuses.

As a dressing Bullock sprinkles a little John Doe around.

What did our fair (and quite friendly) Democrat miss in his treatise? A few other questions on that Marquette Law survey.

Scott Walker’s popularity is not inexplicable. It’s in the summary of questions indicating the direction the state of Wisconsin is taking.

Among registered voters, 54 percent say the state is headed in the right direction while 42 percent say the state is off on the wrong track. Forty-five percent say the state’s budget is in better shape than a few years ago, with 26 percent saying about the same shape and 22 percent say the budget is in worse shape now. And 51 percent say that, “thinking about all the changes in state government over the past four years,” the state is better off in the long run, while 43 percent say the state is worse off.

And within that 54 percent indicating a positive direction you will find my 53 percent Walker-win prediction. (That link also gives you a May 2014 post on Walker’s polling history.)

“Right direction” questions do a pretty good job of predicting winners in leadership (executive) races. Voters all like to think the buck stops at the top. Voters also have a remarkable weakness for supporting the Devil they know when things feel pretty good out there.

Don’t be surprised when more than 50% of voters make that choice in November.


  1. I’m not dumb; I understand that the “right track” numbers are boosting Walker. But that’s not why I wrote that.

  2. Those numbers can be attributed to “saturation bombing” ads by ultra-conservative PACs, such as Club for Growth, who, with all constraints removed by the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling, funnel unlimited monies into Neo-Con propaganda.

    I would urge you to read and consider the 9-4-14 NY Times Op Ed by Heather Cox Richardson: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/04/opinion/bring-back-the-party-of-lincoln.html?_r=0. Then reconsider whether Walker’s Reaganomics are really best for Wisconsin.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Since I don’t live in Wisconsin do these comments mean the Democrats are not running ads there?

    Or perhaps Governor Walker just swatted the Dem. ads away with “the back of his hand.”

  4. Randy in Richmond says:


    “Those numbers” cannot be attributed to “Club for Growth Action” PAC’s as they can only participate in Federal elections. They are only registered as Federal PAC’s.

  5. It’s the damnedest thing. I’ve voted in 40-some odd elections, and have yet to see a dollar bill cast a vote.