Walker and his promises

Nothing delights a Wisconsin Democrat these days more than reminding voters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s broken promises. There are several, but the one they like most is the (ridiculous) idea that he could create 250,000 jobs.

I used the word ridiculous. It was. It still is. Politicians don’t create jobs, economies do. For Walker to think he could do such a thing was at a minimum naive, but probably more likely foolhardy. Politicians can be rather foolhardy, don’t you think?

Anyway, the easiest method for tracking Walker’s promises is to head over to the Politifact Truth-o-Meter. No, it’s not absolutely complete – I’ll add to it in a moment – but it seems reasonable and relatively accurate.

Walker failed on jobs and fourteen other promises according to Politifact. Before you liberal Wisconsinites become too giddy, look at what he didn’t do:

Lift the state’s moratorium on nuclear energy.

Repeal the smoking ban.

Sign stricter legislation stripping benefits for illegal immigrants.

Repeal the 2009 tax increases on the wealthy.

You see, when liberals in Wisconsin slam Governor Walker for his failures, then they are decrying some of their own favorite legislation.

Funny, huh. (Have I mentioned how much I love politics?)

If you happen to lean right in this state, you saw some big changes in your favor during Walker’s first term. In addition to the wonders of Act 10, we have concealed carry (Yes, I have a license.), a stronger castle doctrine, photo voting ID, and a property tax freeze. Not bad. Even Politifact concedes Walker has kept a majority of his promises.

I say it’s not too early to put in a wish list for Walker’s next term. I mentioned the GAB and the John Doe laws the other day. One extra thing – and I sure thought I’d seen this as a previous promise – is to remove the dozens of silly laws still on the books. They remain expressly for the purpose of selective prosecution.

As an example, did you know that adultery is a felony in Wisconsin? That as recently as 2001 the felony classification for adultery was amended? How many legislators do you know who might be prosecutable under that one. Scary. Yes, it is.

I think it’s easy housekeeping to comb through the statutes and remove these laws. Let Velveeta be served in prisons. I could even do without a state pastry (kringle) or state tartan.

Just to summarize my argument, though, be careful about how you categorize Walker’s first term. Sometimes his failures can be lauded as your success. And never, ever forget how ridiculous your government can be when it comes to making laws.

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  1. Wonders of ACT10?

    Property tax freeze?

    Are we in different states?

  2. Just because it happened to be right under the definition of adultery… Sexual Gratification in Public is only a misdemeanor… and does not include gratifying yourself using your hand:

    944.17  Sexual gratification.
    (1) In this section, “in public” means in a place where or in a manner such that the person knows or has reason to know that his or her conduct is observable by or in the presence of persons other than the person with whom he or she is having sexual gratification.
    (2) Whoever does any of the following is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor:
    (a) Commits an act of sexual gratification in public involving the sex organ of one person and the mouth or anus of another.
    (c) Commits an act of sexual gratification involving his or her sex organ and the sex organ, mouth or anus of an animal.
    (d) Commits an act of sexual gratification involving his or her sex organ, mouth or anus and the sex organ of an animal.

  3. Dang. That made me snort my coffee.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Given the recently discussed subject I wasn’t sure where you were going with that Robert. In Virginia it is illegal to tickle a woman.