Silly season

Otherwise known as two weeks before the election.

Democrats let loose a couple of days ago with the news that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will release (did release) Milwaukee County documents from the first John Doe. You know. The one that was never able to actually get to Governor Scott Walker, but spurred the second one just in case it could maybe sort of happen anyway.

Expect a flurry if Very Important Revelations from what Walker had for breakfast the morning of a Rotary speech to which ties he should wear for a press conference. In other words, folks, if there were anything in those emails that really mattered, we would have known it by now.

Politics, as we all are very much aware, is a lot like making sausage. Oh, sure, you’ve heard that before, but have you ever watched sausage being made? Well pretend you are watching your favorite food show and they are making sausage from an animal they shot in front of you. They are tossing in a bit of this and a hunk of that and pouring in some extra blood. And now pretend that you are vegan. Yeah, that’s politics. Those who play for a living (and almost all of them from Brookfield’s Mayor to the President of the United States does it for a living, not from the goodness of their hearts) have lost a finger or two making sausage. The rest of us? Well, we’ve long since figured out that government might get us what we want, but it’s best if we don’t know where it came from.

So Abele declares he’s going to release the documents, gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke sends out a new advertisement about those big bad problems from the first John Doe (none to do with her opponent Scott Walker, by the way), and the next day Abele gives thousands of emails. It was such a coincidence it all worked out that way! And Abele swears he was just being “responsible”.

(If you need a good laugh – from either side – go read this press release from the Burke campaign about the advert. It gives you an outline of the audio and visual. My personal favorite is Shadowy men in suits.)

The spectacular timing is even more amusing when one considers that the John Doe investigations are about campaigns coordinating with other agencies. Well, the Wisconsin GOP didn’t laugh. They sent out a scathing press release and filed an open records request to see if Abele could be caught coordinating with Burke.

That press release made an important statement:

Chris Abele Has Bought Into Mary Burke…Big Time.

The Liberal Milwaukee County Executive Has Donated $63,000 To Mary Burke’s Campaign To Take Wisconsin Backward. Abele and his wife have both maxed out to Burke’s campaign personally and his campaign has transferred $43,000. (CFIS, accessed 10/20/14)

Chris Abele Gave $80,000 To Democratic Party of Wisconsin On August 7. 2014. Included in the latest spending this cycle, Abele maxed out to Democrat District Attorney John Chisolm, $3,000. (CFIS, accessed 10/20/14)

Abele Was A Big Backer Of Former Governor Jim Doyle, One Of Mary Burke’s Biggest Supporters. His donations to Jim Doyle total $30,000. (CFIS, accessed 10/20/14)

Abele Admitted To Funneling $250,000 To The Liberal Special Interest Group Greater Wisconsin Committee. (Patrick Marley and Kevin Crowe, “Mega-donors rush in after campaign-giving cap removed,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/8/14)

If you’d like to look through the Abeles generosity in political giving, head to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. Here. I searched it for you already.

As I Tweeted yesterday, Abele’s given Mary Burke and the Wisconsin Democrats enough money this election cycle to buy a Milwaukee home. Methinks he has a little more than being “responsible” in his game plan.

One other thing Burke’s campaign decries in her recent ad: “Four years of political fistfights.” Well guess what. It must be implied that if Walker created “fistfights” it’s because Democrats wanted to fight, too. The whole thing reminds me of two cranky kids squabbling in the backseat. Sadly, there’s no grown up who will turn around and threaten, “Don’t make me stop this car!”

You have a right to do that, you know. You are the voter.

A final tidbit: If one of the campaigns starts touting internal polls, it means they know they are losing. Zero in on that one. It’s a trick used to get people to hop on a voting bandwagon. The theory goes that no one wants to know they voted for the loser, and so they’ll jump to the announcement and join the excited winning team. I predict someone will start murmuring internals about October 29th.

P.S. I’m sticking to a Walker win at 53%. You will notice I’m not making any bets. It’s with less confidence than the week before, but I’ll let it stand.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “This week, I had the chance to talk with someone who had seen Walker’s internal polling numbers. That person wouldn’t tell me the exact number, but said Walker’s pollsters had the governor up by a couple percentage points, which would be more favorable than the last Marquette University Law School poll, which had the race dead even.”
    Christian Schneider

  2. Damn. Walker will lose. Next Marquette Poll is out Wednesday, October 29. If those numbers don’t confirm this Schneider statement, Walker’s in trouble.

    Thanks anonymous. Feel free to come out of the closet. 😉