Mary Burke attempts to buy the WI gubernatorial race.

Heck, if she wanted the Governor’s mansion, should could have saved herself some money and let Democratic State Senator Robert Wirch sell it to her outright.

The final reports are in for the race between Walker and Burke, and they’ve created a little kerfluffle. Two quick takeaways: Burke’s campaign lied about her numbers before the filing was public, and Mary Burke has loaned her campaign millions in the final stretch.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was tricked into running a headline stating, “Walker, Burke each raise $10 million in last 3 months“. That’s good press if you can get it. Anyone scanning the paper would automatically resolve that the campaigns run neck and neck. After all, polling is very close. What appears to have happened, though, is that Burke’s campaign snatched that headline by only giving reporters a summary of their fundraising, not the actual report. They captured the appearance of momentum when none exists.

Here are the first pages of each Burke and Walker’s campaign financial filings.

Of course, there’s always a chance the paper chose that headline knowingly, after all, they make more money when you are on edge about politics, but I’m going to give them a pass on this one. And, contrary to what some are saying in social media, the paper isn’t hiding the news that she’s heavily supporting her race with personal loans to the campaign. It’s right there in the first paragraph. The paper later reveals the campaign lie with this amusing paragraph buried deeply into another story:

The reason for the apparent discrepancy was not immediately clear Tuesday — the Burke campaign had no initial comment on the numbers but said it was working to explain the matter as soon as possible.

(Geek talk for a moment. The headline reads, “Burke, Walker backers give $1 million to GOP and Democratic Party”. The post url reads, “burkes-finance-report-shows-900000-less-than-touted”. See what editors can do?)

When you check the Burke campaign report, her $4.6 million in loans for this reporting period is on page 3,554.

burke personal loans

Imagine waking up one morning and asking yourself, “How should I spend $5,000,000 this month?”

Mary Burke isn’t even a 1%er. She’s more like a .001%er. I have no problem with rich people. I live pretty well myself. But for the Wisconsin Democratic party to prance her out as someone who cares about you, well you are a fool if you think she has any idea what it’s like to decide how to spend an extra $100. I contend that Burke is the most ridiculous candidate the WisDems have ever proffered. Now we know that Democrats in this state couldn’t manage a race unless someone could afford to buy it for them.

May God bless all of those blacks rallying with President Obama on her behalf today and grace them with the intelligence to discern who keeps them in chains.


  1. So, to summarize your views:
    1. Rich Democrats are class traitors.
    2. Stupid black people keep voting for them.

  2. The Bystander says:

    OMG ….are you saying that the rich dominate politics with their money? Has anyone mentioned this to the Koch brothers?

  3. OMGosh! I am saying you don’t get to complain about it anymore since your side does it, too.

  4. No, Fairly?, you said that. But nice try.

  5. The Bystander says:

    Looks like the UWM Political Science degree is finally paying off. Will you next insight be that turnout matters?

  6. Someone is cranky.

  7. These trolls suck. Over on B&S, they’re making cracks that the site was relaunched solely to shill for Walker and that it should be considered an in-kind contribution.

    Desperation does have a stench.