The beauty of your own blog.

Social media is changing. The same Twitter that broke blogging is now reviving it. First Twitter transitioned to 280 characters. Then they started messing with your feed much like Facebook so that they decided who you paid attention to instead of your making that choice. To really overload the camel’s back, some users have taken to “threading” Twitter posts for rambling commentary that leaves many readers quite unimpressed. My favorite example of this is a guy who used several 140 character threaded tweets to make his point for the importance of keeping things brief when Twitter moved to 280 characters. (I’d love to show you that example, but Twitter is not a friendly place to search. I just lost 15 minutes trying.) So, we’re going old school, and we’ll see what happens.

Another reason to start blogging again is to help me clarify what I’m thinking. While social media rambles forever making tiny curves to an argument, I can make cleaner arguments, hear opinions, and maybe even change them here. Social media can be quite bewildering when searching for clarity. I’m in the mood to step away from that.

Finally, I think I’ll be able to address a variety of topics here that leave me sounding a little lost on Twitter. For one, I live in two or three places a year now. While this isn’t always my idea, I’m learning a lot from it. Trained as a political scientist, the different ways states and nations tax and spend really interests me, and now I have better context for comparisons. Next, I’ve come to be quite interested in a president that I didn’t think would keep my attention. I feel there are enough subjects to discuss without content becoming repetitive. Do not expect an echo chamber. You might recall I have a mind of my own. Sometimes I even use it. I’m looking forward to reconnecting if you have the time.



  1. Excited

  2. Smbuechel says:

    Blogs require a longer attention span than Twitter or Facebook. I, for one, will be paying attention.

  3. Happy to see your return, Cindy!