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The Siepmann House stands!

The vote was taken without discussion. The only expected opposition was introducing his baby girl to the world tonight (Congratulations!) and unable to attend, so the vote was unanimously in favor. My thanks to the developer who stuck it out and made this happen despite the constant hurdles at city hall. Thanks, too, to Alderwoman […]

Siepmann farmhouse clears the Plan Commission hurdle

Two members, Donze and Wahlgren, voted against saving the historical property. Both of these are appointed. The other appointed member, Wartman, must have voted for the revised plan if he was in attendance. That would mean all of the elected members of the Plan Commission would have voted for saving the building. It could be […]

Stonewood Village and the Siepmann farmhouse – what a mess.

Alderman Bob Reddin sent this to constituents: Neighbors – I just wanted to take a moment to update you on council developments regarding the Stonewood Village site. As many of you know, a developer approached the city several months ago with a plan to re-develop the struggling Stonewood Village site. That plan included the demolition […]

The new plan to save the Siepmann farmhouse should be denied (UPDATE)

Ok. I made a mess of this. I spoke with the City Attorney who clarified the Board of Appeals is the same as the Board of Zoning Appeals. The men (yes, all men) listed below are the ones that will decide on this issue. It sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem. After their approval, […]

The Siepmann house will stay

That’s what the MJS is reporting. You don’t think someone took my advice, do you? Nah. It just worked out. You know, if there’s any time the city should consider giving away a little setback change here or there in the form of a PDD, this would be it. THIS ISN’T HARD! It just takes […]