About Fairly Conservative

Fairly Conservative is owned by A Very Small Publishing Empire, LLC. The blog has gone through various forms over the last few years, but has settled into a source for local, state, and national political debate.

About Cindy Kilkenny

Mom, housewife, local and overall political junkie. Learning to swim in a bigger pond.

I don’t know it all, but I definitely have an opinion about what I do know. It’s just the way I am. I listen to reason, enjoy a good argument, and beg for details so that I can better understand.

My passion used to be the care and feeding of children, but they have a way of growing up on you. I enjoyed most of my time in local politics, but learned the hard way that one or two bullies can really ruin the fun. Now, I spend a good part of the year traveling and taking pictures. I cook. I read. I look for answers when others might not have even had questions.

I love being outside, so a lot of my travel includes water or cliffs or really big trees. You’ll find some of that in the blog. I love my family, but I’ve promised to make them invisible. I love politics, especially local, and you’ll be seeing a lot of that.

I love Brookfield and Milwaukee and even though I tried, caring less is not an option. This is where my children and grandchildren live, and I will do my best to make it better. I also love Texas, and now that state is legally home and where I vote. It doesn’t mean I’ll short change you on my opinion on all things Wisconsin. I still have them. And I spend more time in Oklahoma again, so you might see posts about that state, too.

The blog died back for a couple of years, but will be undergoing some changes to spiffy it up around the edges and set up better search categories. All of the original content remains – even the maps, statements, and comments I spent two years in court defending regarding The Shire development in Brookfield, WI. While the developer claims he won, he settled for estimated costs rather than sit before a jury, and as part of that settlement, every word remains.

As always, thanks for reading.