About Fairly Conservative

Fairly Conservative is owned by A Very Small Publishing Empire, LLC. The blog has gone through various forms over the last few years, but has settled into a source for local, state, and national political debate.


Cindy Kilkenny

Mom, housewife, local and overall political junkie. Learning to swim in a bigger pond.

I don’t know it all, but I definitely have an opinion about what I do know. It’s just the way I am. I listen to reason, enjoy a good argument, and beg for details so that I can better understand.

My passion used to be the care and feeding of children, but they have a way of growing up on you. I enjoyed most of my time in local politics, but learned the hard way that one or two bullies can really ruin the fun. Now, I spend a good part of the year traveling and taking pictures. I cook. I read. I look for answers when others might not have even had questions.

I love being outside, so a lot of my travel includes water or cliffs or really big trees. You’ll find some of that in the blog. I love my family, but I’ve promised to make them invisible. I love politics, especially local, and you’ll be seeing a lot of that.

I love Brookfield, and even though I tried, caring less was not an option. This is my home and I will do my best to make it better.

Update – February 2009. It’s been a little over a year since I wrote that, and not much has changed, folks. You can search TRAVEL and see where I went over the last year. Search FOOD and you’ll find a few things there, too. BOOKS and BOOK CLUB also leave a trail.

The blog took a turn towards national last year with the presidential election. We’ll see if that sticks. As always, thanks for reading.

Ryan Morgan

I moved to Brookfield with my wife Elizabeth in 2009 and we absolutely love it here! I’m originally from Madison and graduated from Drake University, studying Actuarial Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy. I work as an actuary and enjoy learning about basically everything in life, especially politics, economics, and the Bible. My favorite pastimes include traveling and going out to eat with the fetching Mrs. Morgan, Wisconsin Badger athletics (I grew up a few blocks from Camp Randall Stadium), soccer, and poker.