Fairly Conservative - Cindy Kilkenny

Getting lost in the market.

A couple of days ago I was stomping through the very old mercado here in Antigua, Guatemala. I’ve been visiting this market off and on for several years now. Though people I know have had the occasional bad experience – a slashed handbag to make a wallet fall out, pockets picked, etc. – I’ve really […]

Here’s to the shithole countries.

POTUS said a bad word! Or at least someone claimed he said a bad word. But then two other people said he didn’t say a bad word. But the media spent two days talking about POTUS using a bad word. So it must be true. No, I’m not linking any of that malarky. If it’s […]

The beauty of your own blog.

Social media is changing. The same Twitter that broke blogging is now reviving it. First Twitter transitioned to 280 characters. Then they started messing with your feed much like Facebook so that they decided who you paid attention to instead of your making that choice. To really overload the camel’s back, some users have taken […]

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Ten years today. I will not lie. I am rusty. It will take some time to bring the blog back to speed. It will take more time to tweak it into a method for conveying precise thought. And some silliness. And some downright off-topic jabber. In other words, I’m still me. I’m sporting a little […]

A new address for Fairly Conservative

It turns out that cross-posting is more troublesome than I’d like. For the next few months, the blog’s new address will be at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Purple Wisconsin project. If you like RSS, you can reset your feed to draw from there. Thanks! –Cindy