True Colors

Do you remember that song by Cyndi Lauper? Cyndi has been quite vocal in her disapproval with President Obama. I think maybe it’s time she rewrites the lyrics to reflect a vindictive little president rather than it being a cute love song. At no time in recent history has a president shown so much disdain […]

Deja vu

Spat upon and disrespected when they returned from Vietnam. Now they can’t even visit the memorial for their fallen brothers who died for their country. THIS COUNTRY! NBC: Police Remove Vietnam War Veterans at Memorial Wall

The Pelosi Way

Disclosure: I didn’t think of this but it’s BRILLIANT! I had to share. The best way to end this shutdown is have the republicans in the house pass a 2000 page bill with a title saying something like “Full Obamacare Funding and Spending Increases For All”. Send it over to the Senate for passage then […]