Key Benchmarks in the Governor’s Race

I was playing around and trying to create a reasonable starting point that provides a guide as to how voting in our Governor’s race will shake out. My key points of reference were the Walker win in 2010, the Walker recall election, and the Obama/Romney race.  I’m just looking at R and D votes and ignoring the rest. […]

Some Thoughts on “Make it Stop”

My very first post on this blog (and probably one of my best… my first point about how the health care system was working for many but the left blew it up anyway seems especially prescient in light of recent events) was an analysis of a song by a super-far-left punk rock band.  After a […]

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Mr. Romney, I have been a close follower of yours for the past 8 or so years and am grieving over the fact that America will never have the opportunity for you to be our president.  You would have been great.  You were exactly the right candidate for the time, but suffered the misfortune […]

Trading States to 270 – Final (Keystone) Edition

Still not sold on Romney being competitive in MI and MN being in play, but I do think PA is truly within reach, so I’ll update my guide one last time to reflect that.  Note that this does make several of the scenarios a little more complex. And yes, there are other places where Romney […]

Romney/Obama Projection

This is not especially sophisticated, but here’s a quick projection of how the county-by-county breakdown for Romney and Obama might look on election day in Wisconsin (based on the recall election and the 2008 election).  As it happens, I set it up to result in an exact tie.  My hope is that this will be […]