Free today! Scott Walker’s Wisconsin

Click on the cover to the right and you’ll go straight to for your Kindle format download. Total cost: $0.00. Good until midnight.

Tomorrow you can grab a free download of Scott Walker’s Wisconsin

But not until tomorrow! It’s my present to those 1) with a Kindle or Kindle app on a reading device (including your computer) and 2) freezing and unwilling to leave the house. (I may or may not have inspired that second point.) Anyway, it’s been in the works for a while and a day of […]

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: A Fairly Conservative Perspective

The book is now available on After a brief flurry of sales at the end of last week, it had even bumped as high as #2 in the category, but it’s nestled back down again. I’m counting on you to change that. I’ll be working soon to manage a version for Barnes and Noble […]

Thinking in the bathtub

Because that’s where a girl does her best thinking! Lots of stuff. Primarily: 1) Detente dinner tonight. Kind of nervous. Hope we don’t kill each other. Perhaps the ingestion of a million calories will prove soporific and everyone lives. 2) The Book rolls out for real next week. Lots still to do. First on the […]


It’s a book. Click here to find it on Amazon. I’m going to celebrate for a few days, and then I’ll be back next week with a little more hard-sell approach. Bet you can’t wait, huh? I’ll be back in the groove here before you know it.