Rebel in need of a cause – today’s vote

No, I didn’t tell you how I’m voting today – yet. Ponto. (Oh, heck, why not.) Vranas, Liotta, and Kratoska (write in) for school board. Vranas is a mixed bag of tricks as he’s all gung ho on 4K, but he’s a friend of the kids and I have a sign in my yard. Liotta […]

Opining on Brookfield’s mayoral rematch

Evidently folks are looking, so I’ll let you in on a secret: I couldn’t care less as to whether or not former mayor Jeff Speaker retakes the local throne from Mayor Steve Ponto. I always said Ponto would look just like Speaker only be less embarrassing. I got that one exactly right. Neither are personally […]

Are things too quiet?

It won’t come as any surprise that I like my politics loud and messy. I think conflict can be good. I don’t like dictated agendas. I prefer an agenda to manifest organically from need. In other words, gosh I hate Wisconsin politics right now. The true politics, what’s getting done in the legislature and what’s […]

An update on the Brookfield quarry

Or dump. Or clean landfill disposal site. Or whatever you want to call it – because I don’t much care as it isn’t my backyard and the last thing we ever do in Brookfield is care about something that isn’t in our own backyard. But a letter from the Mayor popped up on explaining […]

Brookfield’s 2014 Mayoral race

Jeff Speaker is running again. Imagine that! Steve Ponto only bested Speaker by 250 votes or so in 2010. Ponto has a heck of a hill to climb with the upcoming quarry-turned-dump issue on the city’s east side. Pass the popcorn. We’re in for some fun. Now, if a close-to-retirement mayor wanted to secure four […]