A quick note about Common Core in Wisconsin

I know no one really listens to me, but if you are concerned about the concept of Common Core curriculum in Wisconsin, consider it this time. Your local school board is your best way to spend your time asserting influence on this issue. I was chatting with an old school board member this afternoon and […]

Security in the digital age

I was rather amazed by this piece of news from Britain that flew around Twitter last night. British agents oversaw the destruction of an unspecified number of the Guardian newspaper’s hard drives in an apparent bid to keep the fruit of Edward Snowden’s leaks safe from Chinese spies, the paper’s editor said Monday. Really? The […]

Making the list

Congratulations to Elmbrook School District for having both of their high schools on The Daily Beast’s list of America’s Best High Schools. They rank 2,000 public schools. The list is based on six components: graduation rate (25 percent), college acceptance rate (25 percent), AP/IB/AICE tests taken per student (25 percent), average SAT/ACT scores (10 percent), […]

Today in Brookfield

Not another great Sunday in Wisconsin. Oh sure. The Packers won. But three women are dead and we don’t even know who they are yet. Who we will know. Who we might miss. I am so sorry for those who have suffered today. God be with them all.

Raw, but hopeful

I hate what happened in Wisconsin yesterday. I’d hate it happening anywhere, but since we have the other Sikh temple in the area a couple of blocks from my house, it feels personal. I see someone from that community many days when I’m walking to the store. (I walk to the grocery store. Yes, I’m […]