Maryann Sumi does not run for Supreme Court

The paper work is in. There will be a primary for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race as Marquette Law Professor Edward Fallone and some guy described as a “lemon law lawyer” Vince Megna have also filed. The final vote is April 2. Not to jinx anything, but I’m betting incumbent Pat Roggensack is going to […]

Taking a day to step back and breath

I don’t get all personal on you guys now that I’ve got the other blog set up, but I thought it fair to let you know I’m a little tuned out today. The word came that my dad’s PSA was over 1,000, which means the chemotherapy that’s ravaged his body over the last year isn’t […]

Did Franklin High School get pwned by a 420 student?

If you’ve been under a rock, Franklin High School is closed today. The rumor is a note. Cindy, the cynical mother, says there’s a motive alright, but it probably has less to do with the culture of violence than the culture of stoner. Oh, it will all be known in a few weeks. I can […]

Storm photos from my home town

Well, one of them anyway. When you click the link you’ll find a slideshow from the paper in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Please, do not let it be lost on you that someone thought it perfectly logical to measure hail with a shotgun shell.

Technical difficulties

Darn it. My hosting company has failed. After 40 minutes, half of the sites are back, but others are not. The link below to about Brookfield’s bleh water won’t get you anywhere right now. Such is the fun of the hobby of blogs.