It’s my birthday.

My 50th birthday! And because I’m old and cranky you have to give me money. Ok, not me exactly, but if I’ve ever hacked you off or made you laugh or caused you to roll your eyes or throw something, well, you owe me. 🙂 I want to build a library near Antingua, Guatemala. I’ve […]

Thinking when I should be working

I’m deep into denial that I need to make one last grocery store run. This piece by Peggy Noonan on Maggie Thatcher, among other subjects, really has me going this morning. In particular, Noonan writes: Because she was a woman. Because women in politics are always by definition seen as presumptuous: They presume to lead […]

Stargazing and the best tip you’ll get all day

Stop what you are doing and call Cafe Soeurette in West Bend for reservations Saturday night. It’s one of their Tapas nights. We’ve been to two of them this summer. This is hug-your-plate, hug-your-waitress, hang-to-the-apron-of-the-chef kind of food. You will thank me. Then, if the sky is clear, consider an evening of stargazing. Around my […]

That big project

…is finally at the finishing stage. Here’s your preview. There’s an English version, too. (And yes, I am really tired of this music now. 😉 )

Morning coffee on Christmas Day

We’re up early to head to church, then we’ll come back for gifts and breakfast. Last night was the traditional celebration of homemade pizzas and The Muppets Christmas Carol on DVD. As planned, we waited until last night to put ornaments on the tree. With everyone at work it took about ten minutes. Also, this […]