North Korea pardons two journalist captives because Bill Clinton showed up?

Really – that’s the way it’s reading. North Korea wanted a “high-level emissary” to show up with a little respect, and poof. Everything is fine. I keep turning this over in my mind, and all I can come up with are questions. Why Bill? Does it overshadow Hillary’s role? Does it mock Obama? I’m lost, […]

Clinton not technically eligible to assume SoS role

I think this is a hoot! Congress has a rule that if you vote to increase the salary of another assignment, you can’t have it. Clinton voted to increase the salary to the Secretary of State, so now there will need to be some tap dancing to get the previous vote undone. Also, Bill Clinton […]

Hillary steals a little thunder

And Nancy Pelosi steps to the podium. ‘Tis over. Obama will be en toga on the platform tomorrow night.

Hillary’s speech last night

What did you think? Here are two comments from BrkfldDad and Kathryn to kick things off: 33 BrkfldDad // Aug 27, 2008 at 7:50 am Well, I have to admit Hillary was ‘on’ last night. But three things I think are rathering interesting post-speech feedback. 1. She never praised Obama, but did Biden. 2. She […]

Hillary goes all Obama on us

So I guess that’s it. The Democrats are one big happy family now.