Von Maur: The store that got away

No doubt CBL is singing the blues now that Von Maur is committed to a new town center in the Town of Brookfield instead of their regional mall Brookfield Square in the City. Here are a couple (one and two) of articles on the kerfuffle surrounding the news. The City of Brookfield is mad that […]

You should rent, not buy, in the Milwaukee area

That’s the news according to the New York Times. At a rent ratio of 21.4, that means it’s more prudent to hold off on a new mortgage. The link, and the second link to the original story, are interesting reading if you’ve been thinking about buying your first place. Sadly, I think it also means […]

Train talk

So, the train’s a done deed. Or at least that’s what we’re told. You know me, the constant cynic. I think this is so Scott Walker, former train fan under Tommy Thompson, will have to build the train but be able to whine it’s not his fault, darn it, that all that federal money is […]

Now where in the world would the MJS have come up with that?

Oh, come on. This? Try this. I am very impressed with their blog title, though.

Keeping up with VK in Florida

Things aren’t good as this December 5th article from the Naple News explains: While it’s a tough time for developers, V.K. Development, based in Wisconsin, is not in foreclosure at Treviso Bay and it’s in near constant talks with its lenders, said Sanjay Kuttemperoor, the company’s president. “Everyone says it’s going to be a slow […]