A quick note about Common Core in Wisconsin

I know no one really listens to me, but if you are concerned about the concept of Common Core curriculum in Wisconsin, consider it this time. Your local school board is your best way to spend your time asserting influence on this issue. I was chatting with an old school board member this afternoon and […]

Making the list

Congratulations to Elmbrook School District for having both of their high schools on The Daily Beast’s list of America’s Best High Schools. They rank 2,000 public schools. The list is based on six components: graduation rate (25 percent), college acceptance rate (25 percent), AP/IB/AICE tests taken per student (25 percent), average SAT/ACT scores (10 percent), […]

Supporting the expansion of education vouchers in Wisconsin

I’m on a permanent vacation. (I think I just decided that this morning. What is it about a breakfast buffet that gets you to eat ten times your normal morning calories? Oh, wait. That answer is chocolate chip chocolate cream cheese muffins.) So, unlike the carefully crafted, proof-heavy writing you sometimes find here, it’s opinion […]