Making the list

Congratulations to Elmbrook School District for having both of their high schools on The Daily Beast’s list of America’s Best High Schools. They rank 2,000 public schools. The list is based on six components: graduation rate (25 percent), college acceptance rate (25 percent), AP/IB/AICE tests taken per student (25 percent), average SAT/ACT scores (10 percent), […]

Elmbrook: Pretty buildings make for better students

Or not. The proof certainly isn’t in the scoring. While the administration is quick to dismiss the data as unimportant (this time anyway because it’s somewhat embarrassing), taxpayers should remember everything they were promised by throwing millions of dollars into two high schools. Promises, promises. Are my property values improved yet?

How I’ll be voting tomorrow

Statewide: David T. Prosser, Jr. for Justice of the Supreme Court I probably don’t have to explain this one. Yes, I think he’ll win. No, I don’t think it will be a landslide. County: Kathy Stilling for Waukesha County Judge Yes, I’ve heard, she’s supposed to be more liberal than Barack Obama, but I know […]

Elmbrook’s budget bonanza

Billed as yet another “listening session” the budget woes are still in Elmbrook School District’s focus. Except they keep postponing really important decisions like 4K, closing schools, and moving Central Administrative Offices, but you know. They are really taking the fact they expect to be millions in the hole very seriously. I am so frustrated […]

Elmbrook board manipulates the agenda on 4K

They’ve pushed the vote back from tonight to, oh, yes, March 8. You know why? Me either, but I’m getting a little suspicious. You see, the election is April 5th, and I proposed to a couple of members there would still be plenty of time to mount a write-in campaign against them – especially since […]