Politifact deserves to be schooled

They do a miserable job today of arguing for 4K. First they say: The studies are from 2006, which is not all that recent. And both are from groups that come at issues from a particular point of view, not independent academic researchers. and then they say: We turned to several national experts, including Steve […]

What’s a little footsie among construction gurus and taxpayers?

From a very astute reader: I may just be overly sensitive – but it bothers me that Boldt Consulting, C.G. Schmidt Construction and Plunkett Raysich Architects are sponsoring the upcoming Elmbrook Education Foundation Dinner at the SLWC. It seems inappropriate. Like a kick-back. Evidently our school board and those fearless leaders at the Elmbrook Education […]

PPMS arrest rumor

There’s chatter that three 8th graders were arrested at the Elmbrook middle school. Anyone know anything?

The ever-changing ballot

It looks like Bielinski, the most unknown of the Brookfield mayoral candidates, is withdrawing from the race. From the MJS: In Brookfield, the former police officer-turned-Mayor Jeff Speaker is facing four possible challengers so far in his bid for a third, four-year term – the most competition since the last incumbent mayor, Kate Bloomberg, did […]

Hang on to your wallet, Elmbrook taxpayers

Elmbrook’s going to start pushing an operational referendum. Why else would they be pandering stories like this one? There’s going to be a push for fake enrollment via open enrollment and 220 and 4k. They are going to threaten larger class sizes. (Oh, wait! That just happened.) The fact is they are using scare tactics. […]