Today’s winner: the ethanol plant

Wisconsin desperately needs to cut spending, but by all means, keep those tax credits rolling! Today’s winner: an ethanol plant. According to the MJS The United Ethanol Grain Producers LLC will pick up $300,000. Heck, even environmental holy man Al Gore has decided ethanol ain’t what it was cooked up to be. Still, Wisconsin is […]

Thinking about how America uses energy

A trip to Europe always gets me thinking about our American dependency on foreign oil. We at least get to drill some of our own. Europe is sucking on a great big straw from the Middle East. They willingly admit to their dependency, and work to change that. There was an amazing amount of solar […]

Kiss offshore drilling goodbye

No doubt Ken Salazar, Obama’s Secretary of the Interior, chose a Tuesday on purpose to dash the dreams of drilling offshore in America. Oh, I know technically it’s just a longer comment period, but I don’t think it’s too hard to read between those lines. Here’s a response from the American Petroleum Industry: WASHINGTON – […]

Green by default

Read this funny article on how the UK is going greener now that the economy has slowed. The comments are interesting, too. H/T: a loyal reader

Just say no

The family gave up bottled water several months ago. Before we used it for car trips and after sports practice for the youngest, but now we’ve all found the right sized bottles for the car’s cup holders, and we fill it from the tap. Now I’ll admit we use a reverse osmosis system because Brookfield […]