Migrating the blog, and it’s a girl!

Which means things could get weird. I sure hope it’s all back by Monday. Probably won’t get started for a couple of days. — Oh, for those of you wondering what happened, I’ve been doing this: Well, I haven’t exactly done anything except marvel at the whole miracle. She’s the first grandchild for both sides […]

We shipped the youngest to Dublin, Ireland

She’s keeping a blog there if you want details.

I told you we wouldn’t talk about it much

So don’t be surprised that we aren’t. Seriously, though, I have the youngest home from South America, and to celebrate I accompanied her to Waukesha Memorial where she had her bad tonsils removed. So I’m spending time being the mommy. It’s kind of awesome. But tomorrow we’ll play with the idea that this election thingy […]

An election day diversion

Go read my darling daughter. Be sure to follow to this internal link on her hostel in Valparaíso. I didn’t double check, but it seems the language didn’t move too far away from PG, just in case that kind of thing gets to you. I won’t guarantee the word choices for other posts, though. Not […]

Whereby the youngest debuts a blog

She’s some kid. I do not claim responsibility for what comes out of her fingers. Ensueños Porteños (Yes, we shipped her off on Sunday. It’s why I’ve been a little quiet.)