The heads of Easter Island are bodies.

Not kidding. I know. I should be writing about politics, but this is so much better! How many times have you seen a picture like this? Ta da! Read more about the project.

There’s evidence of blue sky out my window

Wow! I think I’ll go for a walk. Still no complaint. Do they do that kind of stuff after 5? God bless this poor guy that did come to my door today. He even had a black briefcase! It was pretty funny. The youngest had an appointment/consult with an oral surgeon today. That took a […]

While I’m enjoying the sound of rain for a change

The dog is not particularly impressed.

News you can’t use

But I found interesting anyway. 1) Meg Whitman, former EBay CEO, is in the race for Governor of California. Arnold is out on term limits. (Sigh. Term limits. Doesn’t that have a wonderful ring to it?) 2) Something’s up with Steve Wozniak. Today’s announcement? He’s one of 13 for Dancing with the Stars. Last week […]

Good morning! It’s Monday again…

FYI, I had the fun of watching my uncle perform on the Grammys last night. Not many girls get to say that. This morning I stood in line with a couple of dozen Carroll University students to pick up Death Cab for Cutie/Ra Ra Riot/Cold War Kids tickets for the youngest. The show should be […]