Fall 2012 Detente Dinner

Say what you want about liberals, but I found one who can cook. Sunday was our first ever Detente Dinner. I told you about it. I told the folks on Patch about it before when I was looking for another attendee. (Found one, by the way, but the morning of the dinner she emailed […]

Michelle Obama obliterates the food pyramid

We’re into the food plate now. In my opinion, the USDA’s food pyramid was a disaster that created, not aleviated, a lot of the nation’s food trouble. Do they really think we should trust them again?

A sneak peek at the new Glorioso’s on Brady Street

If you’ve ever been into the small family store, you’ll be as amazed at their new surroundings as I am. Here’s the new face of the store: The side of the store for wine, frozen foods and pasta: A view of the new deli case: There’s an old Milwaukee feel to much of the interior […]

Beer Cupcakes

Oh, yes. You read correctly. Beer cupcakes. As in cupcakes made with beer. It’s the latest Iron Cupcake Milwaukee challenge. Now this really shouldn’t be too hard. I have a beer bread recipe that I used to make all the time. (I was younger and could afford the extra yum.) And have you had some […]

Digital readers, continued

Ok, this might be love. Not $300 worth of love, but love. Meet the Demy. Demy, a recipe file reader, was an advert on the Iron Cupcake Milwaukee site. What? You don’t know about Iron Cupcake? Well that’s next. Or what you just read, depending on how long it takes me to type it up […]