The whippersnapper’s gone and done it

Blogger Greg Kowalski is running for Alderman in the 1st district of Franklin. Make no mistake, his running is a good thing. And no, he didn’t ask me what I thought before he did it. I will say I had a call a few days ago and we talked. Is he the perfect candidate? No, […]

Franklin’s follies

I’m always tickled to find little windows that show other communities have their share of stupid leadership, too. There’s a chance that Franklin may surpass Brookfield in the stupid poli tricks category. John Michlig from Sprawled Out has this: Fortunately, since “just a concerned citizen” Mr. Fischer has begrudgingly emerged from stealth mode (we are […]

The BoomGrow district?

They are absolutely going to have to rename the 27th street corridor from Boomgaard after this: A tip from a concerned citizen launched a three-month drug investigation that led police to three homes yesterday in Oak Creek, Franklin and Sturtevant where officers found more than 2,000 marijuana plants with an estimated street value of $3 […]

Kevin Fischer says alcohol rehab doesn’t work

Aide to State Senator Mary Lazich and CNI blogger, he’s talking in circles tonight on Interchange – WMVS. He swears tightening the penalties for repeat drunk drivers isn’t a “slam dunk” in the legislature. It’s interesting to hear his perspective. He has three OWI convictions on his own record. Under the latest proposals, that would […]

A charming video from Jim Stingl at the MJS

Take a minute to watch this video. I had a chance once to have a couple of beers with Jim at the Red Dot. He’s a great guy and it shows in this quick presentation. The subject? Franklin and Oak Creek’s new “Boomgaard” district. The name is finally getting some play. I wonder how that […]