Brookfield woman to be a contestant on Jeopardy this week

Brookfield’s Kathleen Meyer will be playing on Jeopardy this week. (Here’s the link to the Hometown Howdys for the week. I couldn’t figure out how to embed just her video.) I’ve known Kathy for a few years. She was a constituent when I was elected. Her husband Bill is a photographer who always graciously answers […]

Announcing Fairly Conservative’s newest reader

Meet Ellie Morgan: Ok, technically she’s sleeping here and not reading, but she did write me this morning to say she’d arrived just fine about 6pm last night. And here I thought her father Ryan would be watching the gubernatorial address. 🙂 Join me in congratulating Ryan and his wife Elizabeth on such fine work.

A new way to waste the week!

Kodak just sent an e-mail that their photobooks are buy one get one free through November 21st. The coupon code at checkout is “GETCOVER” to receive the discount. Books start at about $7 for 10 pages. I’m going to put a few of these together for Christmas gifts. My nephew in particular needs a family […]

Omar, meet ReAnn

My friend ReAnn is due to be sworn in as a Peace Corp Volunteer this Friday. Hurricane Omar is gonna mess with that. It’s due to hit St. Kitts at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I’m currently booking a trip to St. Kitts for about a week in March. I’ll be bunking with ReAnn, but I […]