U.S. Training of Afghanistan Air Force

Readers, you know one of these uniformed men. (Sorry I can’t tell you which one!) It’s almost twenty minutes long, but if you want a real idea of what happens every day in Afghanistan, this video clip is worth watching.

Toe in the Water

First, I would like to thank Mrs. Kilkenny for inviting me to write here on this blog concerning my deployment to Afghanistan.  I know that she and the other contributors work hard at bringing you relevant political and life discussion and I hope that I can add to it with some tales from “over there”.   […]

Fairly Conservative welcomes another contributor

T is a little worried about being a country boy from Oklahoma, but in reality, he’s one of America’s brightest and best, a graduate of the Air Force Academy now serving as a pilot in Afghanistan. I’m cheating a bit, but here’s a little of what you can expect: He’s the serviceman on the right. […]