Brookfield woman to be a contestant on Jeopardy this week

Brookfield’s Kathleen Meyer will be playing on Jeopardy this week. (Here’s the link to the Hometown Howdys for the week. I couldn’t figure out how to embed just her video.) I’ve known Kathy for a few years. She was a constituent when I was elected. Her husband Bill is a photographer who always graciously answers […]

Managing your online campaign image

Well we’ve had some fun in the discussion of this post as to that new campaign tool Facebook. Hang in there, because there’s bound to be a little something for everyone in this information. First, Facebook is part of a group of Web tools called social networking. Along with Twitter it’s the latest greatest thing […]

Digital readers, continued

Ok, this might be love. Not $300 worth of love, but love. Meet the Demy. Demy, a recipe file reader, was an advert on the Iron Cupcake Milwaukee site. What? You don’t know about Iron Cupcake? Well that’s next. Or what you just read, depending on how long it takes me to type it up […]


My urge to clean every closet has started early this season. Since it doesn’t make sense to have extra piles strewn through the house during this season, I’ve decided to clean up the e-mail in boxes. I am going through a flurry of unsubscribe. It’s interesting to see which customer contact set ups these companies […]

What about electronic readers?

Kindle? Sony? Has anyone bought into one of these devices? I have to admit, the couple of people I know with a Kindle rave over the device. I’ve not tried it. A few years ago I did check out one of the electronic readers the library offered, but I could never quite get into it. […]