Piers Corbyn, an unexpected weather hero

Gosh Congressman Sensenbrenner

How much is that going to cost taxpayers? H/T: Badger Blogger

Obama’s “meaningful” work in Copenhagen

Watch for his handlers to proclaim it the greatest thing since sliced bread. Others are asking, “where’s the beef?” Literally. From BBC News: So the result was a political commitment not a treaty one. The words sound fine enough. “We emphasise our strong political will to urgently combat climate change.” And: “We shall, recognising the […]

Could a little of the white stuff mess with Reid’s health care vote in the Senate?

Washington, D.C. is bracing for a snowstorm Saturday. Even those politicians yammering at the global warming summit in Copenhagen are headed home early. (Don’t you just kind of wish one of them would slip and fall just hard enough to whack some common sense into their elected head?) I even saw somewhere Senators were starting […]

A few predictions

For those of you just stopping by, I’ll mention this blog goes dormant on January 12. There are a few things to get to before that day! One is a few predictions. I won’t be online when it all comes to pass, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. — I believe the […]