My apologies

I was supposed to write today, and it may still happen, but I’ll confess, I’m being the mom right now. It’s a great thing, and I haven’t much more time, so perhaps you can be patient. Also, and this is a great bit amazing also, Greg Gutfeld is going to be on Glen Beck in […]

Drop in Milwaukee teen birth rate is cause for celebration

I’ve argued for years that the better way to reduce the incident of abortion is to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. Luckily, the spouse supports that effort, too. For years we’ve donated to United Way of Greater Milwaukee and the programs they implement to support the inner city. For the last few, I’ve participated […]

I heart Huckabee

Did anyone watch Huckabee last night with Joe the Plumber? I thought it was great.

Freedom has a price

Circulating the ‘net: Remember this? It’s Obama’s originals stance on the war in Iraq:

The droopy drawer bandit

Wow. The Milwaukee Police Department has a new You Tube page. They’ve posted video from the shootout at the Villard Food & Liquor store. It’s a fabulous use of the technology and the department and its new leader have my respect. When you watch this video keep an eye on the “perp.” The fool keeps […]