Obamacare, Hobby Lobby, and where we go from here

Shoebox did it again: For those of you tweeting optimism re: SCOTUS Hobby Lobby case go back and read the optimism following Ocare arguments. we don't know! — Shoebox (@Shoeboxnre) March 25, 2014 Oh my goodness Conservatives were so sure Roberts would right this Obamacare problem. Instead, we ended up with a confirmed individual mandate […]

Johnson sues over ObamaCare subsidies; Sensenbrenner pouts

There appears to be a rift developing between two Wisconsin legislators. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is filing to challenge the Obama edict that supplements congressional staff as they move to comply with the American Healthcare Act. The act put the staff to the plan. Obama’s pen defied the act by supplementing the costs of compliance […]

ACA: It’s the law.

I resisted the urge to add “stupid.” I was all set to give you a brilliant deconstruction of John Doe II this morning, but then I saw that Wigderson chose to pontificate on the rightness of Republicans to claim Obama can’t make one-sided decisions regarding the Affordable Health Care act. Wiggy even invoked George Will! […]

The Pelosi Way

Disclosure: I didn’t think of this but it’s BRILLIANT! I had to share. The best way to end this shutdown is have the republicans in the house pass a 2000 page bill with a title saying something like “Full Obamacare Funding and Spending Increases For All”. Send it over to the Senate for passage then […]

This is why you put up with me.

I know a lot of you click on a post and never pay attention to the comments, but on this blog, that’s where the fun is. (Fine. So I’ve been on a music bender since the youngest was home and Manfred Mann is still in my head.) Anyway, someone asked, and so I answered. We […]