We will all remember how Cain lost the nomination in Block’s home state

Holy cow. Get that man some coffee! No kidding, though. Cain is yesterday’s news. And he saved it for Wisconsin.

Lord have mercy…

Poor Mr. Cain. Come on all you liberals. Tell me how certain you are that Herman Cain is this man’s father. The final paragraph is a hoot. Last night, Attorney Carson “Butch” Calhoun amended his client’s parental expectations. “Delashaun Cain is so determined to make this relationship work that he’s willing to temporarily wave the […]

Best read this morning.

From The New Republic: In short, the response to such allegations against Obama would involve playing the race card—and it would bear a strong resemblance to the way Herman Cain has responded to his own sexual harassment scandal. The left has been outraged at the Cain campaign’s response, but it also ought to feel a […]

So let’s talk about Herman Cain.

I had all these links saved up to do a proper post-mortem except now there’s a new complaint from a person being “represented” by Gloria Allred. Egads. Yes, I know there’s a chance Herman Cain is a lecherous jerk. We’ve had those for presidents before and lived through it. Heck, Bill Clinton is still lauded […]